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The Easiest Way to Combine Sunscreen and Makeup for Kids

Simple Makeup for Kids

Combining sunscreen and makeup for your little ones doesn’t have to be a chore! Here are some fun, effective methods and tips to ensure your kids are protected from the sun while enjoying a little creative play.

The Easiest Way to Combine Sunscreen and Makeup for Kids

1. Start with the Right Sunscreen

Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to ensure your kids are well-protected against both UVA and UVB rays. Water-resistant sunscreens are excellent for long days at the beach or pool. For babies under six months, however, it’s best to keep them out of the sun entirely as their skin is highly sensitive​​.

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2. Fun Application Techniques

i. Makeup Brush Method:

This hack is a game-changer for fuss-free application. Simply pour a small amount of sunscreen onto a flat-top makeup brush and apply it to your child’s face. This method not only avoids messy hands but also provides even coverage without the risk of sunscreen getting into your child’s eyes​​.

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ii. Face Painting:

Turn sunscreen application into a fun game. Tell your preschoolers you’re going to paint shapes on their cheeks with sunscreen. They can guess the shapes and even take a turn painting you! This interactive method makes the routine both playful and engaging​​.

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iii. Singing Songs:

Incorporate little songs like ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ while applying sunscreen to your toddlers. It’s a delightful distraction that can make them giggle and squirm less during the application process​​.

iv. The Countdown Game:

Engage older kids with a countdown game. Challenge them to guess how fast you can cover all exposed areas before reaching zero. It’s a fun race against time that adds excitement to sunscreen application​​.

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3. Combining with Makeup

For children who also wear face paint or light makeup for performances or play, use a spray sunscreen to set the makeup without smudging it. Spray the sunscreen onto a sponge and then dab it gently over the face to ensure coverage without disturbing the makeup underneath​​.

4. Reapplication Is Key

Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially if your child is swimming or sweating. This is crucial to maintaining effective sun protection throughout the day.

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How do you wear makeup and sunscreen together?

To successfully combine makeup and sunscreen, apply a layer of broad-spectrum sunscreen first, allowing it to fully absorb and dry. Following this, you can apply makeup as usual. This sequence ensures optimal sun protection without compromising the finish of your makeup.

What is the best makeup brush for sunscreen on kids?

For applying sunscreen on kids, use a soft, flat-top foundation brush. These brushes are gentle on the skin and provide even coverage without irritation.

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How to apply sunscreen to kids easily?

Using playful methods like face painting games or using a makeup brush for application can make the process easier and more enjoyable for both kids and parents.

How to mix foundation with sunscreen?

It is generally advised not to mix sunscreen with foundation as it can dilute the effectiveness of the sunscreen. Instead, apply sunscreen first, let it absorb fully, then apply foundation over it.

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Can I put makeup on top of sunscreen?

Yes, you can apply makeup over sunscreen. Just ensure the sunscreen is fully absorbed into the skin before applying makeup to avoid smudging.

Do I put sunscreen or makeup first?

Always apply sunscreen first to ensure it forms a proper protective barrier on the skin. Once it’s absorbed, proceed with your makeup application.

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How do you apply sunscreen to a child’s makeup brush?

Pour a small amount of sunscreen onto a clean, flat-top makeup brush and gently apply it to the child’s face using smooth, even strokes.

How do you make sunscreen fun for kids?

Turning sunscreen application into a game, such as face painting or interactive guessing games, can make it fun. Singing and gentle play during the process can also engage children positively.

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How to apply sunscreen to a toddler’s face?

Use a soft makeup brush or engage in playful distractions such as singing or light games to keep the toddler calm and cooperative during sunscreen application.

At what age should a child start wearing sunscreen?

Children should start wearing sunscreen by the age of six months. Before this age, it’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight and dressed in protective clothing.

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Why does my skin get dark after applying sunscreen?

Darkening of the skin after applying sunscreen might be due to the physical barrier it forms, which can sometimes leave a white or greyish cast on darker skin tones. Opting for a tinted or sheer sunscreen can help mitigate this effect.

Can kids use sunscreen daily?

Yes, children can and should use sunscreen daily if they are going to be exposed to the sun, especially during peak sunlight hours.

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Can I put powder over sunscreen?

Yes, after applying and letting sunscreen absorb into the skin, you can apply powder. This can help set the sunscreen and reduce any shine or greasiness.


Integrating sunscreen into your kids’ routine doesn’t have to be dull or challenging. With these creative methods, you can ensure they are well-protected while they have fun. So, grab your sunscreen, a makeup brush, and maybe even a face paint kit, and turn sun protection into playtime. Not only will your children be safer from the sun’s rays, but they’ll also look forward to these moments with you, making memories that are both safe and enjoyable!

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