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How to Do Krishna Makeup for Kids (a Step-by-Step Guide)

How to do a Krishna makeup for kids

How to Do Krishna Makeup for Kids (a Step-by-Step Guide)

If your kid wants to dress up as Krishna for Halloween, a school event, or any other event, then this step-by-step process should help you achieve that.

Krishna, a revered Indian divinity worshipped as the eighth incantation or avatar of Vishnu, is such a beautiful look to wear.

This look is quite popular during Krishna Janmashtami where Hindus celebrate the birth of this god.

Besides being regal, it is one look that also doesn’t take much time to accomplish.

Key Features of the Krishna Look

Like any other god, at the end of the makeup, your child should look somewhat majestic.

The key features of the Krishna look are

  • The headpiece (mostly a headwrap)
  • The symbol on the forehead
  • The blue complexion

Makeup Essentials for the Krishna Look

  • Powder
  • Eyeshadow (a subtle color of your choice)
  • Blue eye shadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eye pencils
  • White or yellow eye pencils
  • Blush
  • Foundation or concealer (the right shade)
  • Lipstick

Other Essentials Needed

  • Headpiece or a crown (‘mukut’)
  • Dhoti ( a traditional sarong for men)
  • Soft sandals or barefooted
  • Feather (this goes best if you’ll be copying for a crown instead of the head wrap)
  • Jewelry

Getting Started

  • First off, you want to apply a thin film of powder just to get that smooth look. Most people skip this stage, but if you do you’ll find your face doesn’t get that smooth and even tone you want.

Next, we want to get that signature Krishna tone. Remember Krishna always appears as a blue god so you want to get your child to resemble this look as closely as possible.

Here you will be using light blue eyeshadow to achieve this. Scrap the eyeshadow into a dish and then apply a small amount of foundation.

Mix both to get an even paste and using a powder brush, apply this all over the face and whatever part of the neck is exposed.

This stage can take a while. You want to take your time to blend properly so you get an even tone. If along the way you notice the makeup brush isn’t giving you the blend you want, feel free to use a foundation puff or your hand.

Once done, you can proceed to highlight the features of the face.

  • Go ahead to emphasize the brows, making them as pronounced as possible. For the eye pencils, you could opt for a thick eyeliner pencil so you get the brow line with minimal strokes

This pencil is usually my first choice, however, if you can’t get a hold of it then the regular pencil is fine as well.

  • Next, apply a subtle shade of eye shadow. This stage is optional. You can use any eyeshadow of your choice, so long as it is subtle.
  • Apply the eyeliner to both eyes as well.
  • Next, apply red lipstick to the lips and a rosy blush to the cheeks.

If you noticed, at this point, you are still well within the limits of your regular makeup save for the blue paint on the face.

For the next prominent Krishna feature, you want to draw a deep semi-circle at the forehead. Using a thick yellow eye pencil begin at the top just underneath the hairline and stop just between by eyebrows. Then draw another line, this time, a straight one in the center of the circle using a red pencil

  • This next step is also optional, but to get a heightened Krishna look, draw three to five dots around each eyebrow, starting from one tip to the next.

You can repeat this around the top lip as well (also optional).

At this stage, you are done with the makeup aspect. Other makeup essentials needed at this point are the headpiece, choice jewelry, and the signature flute, all of which can be gotten online, especially on Amazon.

For the headpiece, you would need a bright color, preferably red or yellow. Twist this up to make a long, thick strong, and then wrap this around the head.

As an alternative, you could just purchase a sarong head wrap from Amazon and save yourself all that trouble.

How to Do a Krishna Makeup for Boys

The Krishna makeup for boys would follow the above steps, with the eye and lipstick makeup inclusive.

You would usually just wear your son the crown (head wrap), some jewelry, the dhoti, and sandals to complete the look.

He would adorn the feather too and carry the flute.

How to do a Krishna makeup for kids

How to Do a Krishna Look for Girls

Like boys, a girl would be dressed similarly as Krishna, with just a slight addition or variation.

To complete your little one’s look, you want to include a kurta, to keep her upper region covered.

How to do a Krishna makeup for kids

Tips to Consider When Dressing Your Child Up as Krishna

An older Child will typically be excited, especially if they chose this look themselves.

The Krishna look is an easy one to pull off, however, since Krishna is known for heavy jewelry, you want to go easy with the jewelry.

Remember, less is always more. Since the makeup itself emphasizes the use of a lot of bright colors together, even skimping on the jewelry might go unnoticed.

For younger kids, you should consider this option if all that jewelry makes them cranky.

  • Also, a lot of your regular makeup will do for this look. You should however be prepared to get a few essentials from Amazon or your favorite local local store.
  • Remember the idea is for you both to have as much fun as you possibly can recreating this look. Don’t sweat about getting the perfect look. Just focus on getting a look that closely resembles Krishna as much as possible and you will be fine.

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