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How to Do Cleopatra Makeup For Kids

A Cleopatra look is a common one for Halloween or any other event that requires a little dress-up. It’s bold, and beautiful and makes you appear as regal as it’s intended to.

The best part is that it’s easy to achieve and doesn’t take too long to create. It should take no longer than five minutes extra plus your regular makeup duration. If you are creating this look on a child, expect it to take a little less time.

How to Do a Cleopatra Makeup for Kids

Basic Cleopatra Look for Kids

Here are the makeup essentials you will be requiring:

  • Black eye pencils
  • Black eyeliners
  • Black waterproof mascara
  • Blue cream eyeshadow
  • Blue powder lipstick
  • A base powder
  • Primer (optional)
  • Other accessories include the short bob hair and gold hair accessories.

Getting Started

  • First off, you want to apply a base primer to the entire face. Now, while this step is absolutely optional it comes highly recommended as it helps keep the makeup in place for longer; a primer makes your makeup last longer.
  • Next, apply a thin film of powder just to give the face that smooth look and feel. For an adult, you could go with a foundation to help set the powder and like the primer, this will also make it last longer, but we’ll be skipping this stage.
  • Now onto the brows. You want a bold look. The key feature of the Cleopatra look is the boldness of brows and this you can achieve by ensuring the brows are so outlined, they speak.

Using the eye pencil, trace the brows until they become quite visible.

  • For the next part of this look, you want to work on the eyelids. Here we’ll be using bold colors.

Apply a blue cream eyeshadow from the top of the eyelids to the tip. This entire region should be covered.

Blend this in and then repeat the process using the blue powder eyeshadow.

  • If the color blue is not your thing, then you could use the alternative of a black eyeshadow.

However, you would have to apply a little extra character to the eyes if you want to achieve those prominent eye looks.

For the black color, you want to concentrate on just the eyelids and not the entire eye region.

Then, using a black eye pencil, trace two or more tiny arcs just an inch from the bottom eyelid toward the cheek.

  • Next, line the eyelids using the eyeliners, making sure to extend this line. You want to arc this line slightly upward (from the corner of the eyes) and also make it bold.
  • Using the eyeliner, work on the bottom lids. Remember Cleopatra’s eyes are always bold and this can only be achieved via using very bold actions or working on bringing every part of the eyes to life.
  • Smear a little black eyeshadow just slightly from the bottom eyelids.
  • Next, work on the lashes and your mascara can help with this. Be generous with this makeup item, working on both the upper and lower lashes.

As an alternative, you could plug in some lash extensions, just enough that it makes the eyes pop.

  • For the cheeks, a little contouring will help create that high Cleopatra cheekbones.

Using a contour brush, apply dark eyeshadow to the top of the cheekbones and angle this upward and outward to create a shadow.

You can watch a few videos to show you just how to achieve this.

  • Your Cleopatra look would be incomplete without the classic short bob hair that Cleopatra’s hair signature.

You can get this on Amazon or any other beauty online store.

Complete the hair look using the ASP headpiece or any other good hair accessory synonymous with the Cleopatra look.

For the lips, a bold nude or gold lipstick will do the job.

To complete your Cleopatra look, while any dress choice will work, a white long gown complete with the gold belt worn across the waist or strapped over one shoulder and arm will work fine.

Cleopatra Skeletal Look for Kids

If you want a little extra for Halloween then the Cleopatra skeletal Halloween look is it. This makeup look isn’t all that different, it just includes one extra step to create that intense skeletal character.

For this look, you follow the steps taken to achieve the basic Cleopatra look, then you would be adding that prominent closed teeth feature of a regular skeleton.

There are a few ways to achieve this:

First skeletal Look

For the first look, you want to opt for a black lipstick instead of the nude or gold that goes with the basic Cleopatra look.

Next, draw one-inch snake-like tentacles around the entire lips. Finish this look by contouring your cheeks with dark blue or black.

Second Skeletal Look

For the next skeletal look, paint half your lips black. For the second part, you want to draw some teeth (in a closed fashion) using a white eye pencil and fill these in using white eyeshadow.

Ensure you draw these teeth all the way to your earlobe to create that scary skeletal look. Create some shadow between each tooth if you can to create that real effect.

Third Skeletal Look

For this final look, apply the black lipstick, then using a black eye pencil, draw a straight line from the sides of the mouth, stopping just before your earlobes.

Next, draw a straight line on both sides of the lips; a one-inch line that snakes upward.

However, for the line on both cheeks, you’re going to be drawing one-inch lines across to the earlobes. Ensure the lines are evenly spaced and you have your third skeletal Cleopatra look.


The Cleopatra look emphasizes prominent eyes and a short hairdo. Get these two key features right and you are well on your way towards getting a beautiful Cleopatra child.

Your regular make-up will also do the job fine, however, you would need to get other make-up essentials like the short bob wig and a gold hair accessory.

Play around with this look until you get it just right.

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