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How to Do a Cat Makeup for Kids

How to do a cat makeup for kods

Wondering how to do a cat makeup for kids? This article right here will present you with a few options to choose from.

Your kid might decide they want to be a cat for this year’s Halloween or spot this look as their costume for any event. While you can employ a makeup paint artist to create that purr-fect makeup cat look you want, you don’t have to especially if you are on a budget. You can achieve the very same result yourself and easily too.

Essentials Needed for Your Cat Makeup

You can get this makeup done within minutes if you have your makeup essentials at home.

The good thing is if you wear makeup, even a little then almost every single item you will need for your child’s cat makeup is already available.

Items like:

  • Black mascara
  • Black lipsticks
  • Pink lipstick or lip gloss
  • Pink blush
  • White eyeshadow
  • Black eye pencils

How to Get Your Basic Cat Makeup Done

  • Run a little pink blush over your child’s cheeks. Yo want to dau just a little to bring some glow to the cheeks.
  • Next, apply a faint smear of white eyeshadow on the top lip area, the bridge of the nose, and just under the eyes.
  • Using your black pencil or black eyeliner, trace the bottom part of the nose in a circle. Do the same for the top lip and leave. Both will be filled in later.

While still with the eyeliner, trace a line from the bottom of the nose down to the upper lip.

  • Using your black lipstick, fill the circles drawn at the bottom of the nose and the upper lips.
  • Draw your whiskers on both cheeks making sure they are as realistic as possible. This is about the most defining feature of a cat and you want to get it right.

Draw four to five thin lines on both chicks for whiskers and then move over to the eyes.

  • To create those gorgeous cat eyes we all adore, line the lid of the upper eyelid, extending out just slightly.
  • For the final touch, apply a thin film of very pale pink lipstick or lip gloss to the bottom lips and your simple child cat makeup is ready.
How to do a cat makeup for kids
How to do a cat makeup for kids

How to Achieve the Perfect Kitten Look

For this look, you would need way fewer makeup essentials.

Here’s a list of what you’ll be needing:

  • An eyeliner
  • A mascara
  • To get started, draw a triangle tracing the bottom nose but extending your hands upward slightly. You want to start tracing your triangle from the middle of the nose to the bottom using your eyeliner
  • Next, fill this triangle with the eyeliner. You always have the option of a black lipstick, but your eyeliner will serve just fine.
  • Draw a line from the bottom of the nose to the upper lips with the eyeliner and then go ahead to trace out the upper lips.

Also, fill this up using your eyeliner or a black lipstick.

  • Next make tiny dots over the upper lips from one end to the other. This will create that cute kitten look.
  • For the lower lips, apply a thin film of white eyeshadow and then matte this out, leaving just a tiny film.
  • Create the whiskers on both cheeks using your eyeliner or black eye pencils.
  • For those cute cat eyes, trace the bottom of the upper eyelids extending this out just slightly.
  • Make the eyelashes pop slightly using mascara. You want to make them visible, without necessarily being too pronounced.

Apply just once and leave at that.

Your perfect kitten look is almost ready. For the final touch, put on the cat ears and your kitten is good to go.

You can buy the kitten ears on Amazon or any other store online.

How to Create the Perfect Lion Cat Look

If your child would rather go for a cat with character, the lion look would be the perfect look.

Since both cats look largely alike, you would need the same makeup essentials and also run the same process.

Makeup Essentials Needed

  • Black eyeliner/black eye pencil
  • Black lipstick
  • Black mascara
  • Powder
  • Pink blush
  • To get started, prep the face by applying a moderate amount of power over the face. Concentrate on the eyebrows to highlight them.
  • Apply a thin layer of blush to make the cheeks rosy.
  • Next, draw a triangle at the center of your nose and then fill this in using your eyeliner.

For this look, only the center of the nose should be painted, leaving the top and bottom nose free.

  • From the triangle at the center of the nose, extend a line through to the top of your lips.
  • Next, from the corner of the mouth, draw a semi-circle upward to the cheek. Do the same for the other cheek.
  • Using a white eyeshadow, fill the upper sides of the mouth, then draw three dots in a triangle on both sides.
  • Next, draw your whiskers on both sides of the week, extending them from the semi-circle drawn.
  • Draw a line across the bottom of your eyelids.
  • Apply a thin film of pale lipstick and your lion cat look is ready.

Some people would work on the eyes to create that angry or fierce lion look, but you can do without this and still create the same effect.

Also, you don’t need the lion ears headband for that perfect look, but you can include this if and want and like the kitten headband, this too can be got online.


Any one of these looks can be achieved in less than thirty minutes. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

Your regular makeup items will do the work. With basic makeup items like a black eyeliner, white eyeshadow, black eye pencil, black mascara, pink lipstick, a rosy red blush, and a few other makeup essentials, you can achieve that perfect kitten, cat or lion look and make your child super happy.

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