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How Much Does a Makeup Paint Artist Cost for Kids?

How much does a makeup paint artist for kids cost

How Much Does a Makeup Paint Artist Cost for Kids?

Most parents looking to throw a party for their kids would think to include a makeup paint artist. Kids love such activities, especially as they get to wear whatever image gets drawn on their faces home or take a few pictures for keepsakes.

If you are looking to have one of such artists at your kid’s event, you should know how much this is going to cost you.

How much does a makeup paint artist cost for kids?

You would need to know how much the average makeup paint artist goes for if thinking of having one at your event.

Several factors determine how much a makeup paint artist charges for their services and you would have to consider all or most when scouting for one.

Here are the common ones

1) Reputation and Skill

The average makeup face painter charges between $50 and $300 per hour. While the Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that makeup face painters make an average of $14.20, this is way less than what’s actually obtainable in the real world.

The more skilled and reputable a makeup face painter is, the more money they can charge per hour. Obviously, with such a high demand comes a higher price per hour.

Beginner makeup face painters, on the other hand, might charge slightly less than the industry’s usual fee since most are looking to hone their skills and also build their portfolios.

This is something you would have to consider when drawing up your budget.

How Much Does a Makeup Paint Artist Cost for Kids?

In opting for a beginner makeup face painter though, you want to look out for a few things including their portfolio and testimonials or reviews from previous employers, if any.

2) Duration

How long will you be having the artist over?

An artist required to spend a few hours at your event would obviously charge a lot more.

Most parties leave face painting as about the last event or one of the last events of the day. The kids would have been fed and had some other fun activities done, before finally getting their faces painted.

At this rate, you are left with an hour or two max and this can help you save up on cost.

3) Large Events

A large event with several kids would also require a steep budget. The average seasoned face artist can paint a face in 3-5 minutes, depending on the design.

For a party with several kids in attendance, the artist would be working a few hours or you could just have a few more makeup paint artists over which, doesn’t necessarily reduce the cost for you, but greatly reduces the workload for the artist.

4) Design Complexity

Complex designs would command a little more money. These detailed and bespoke designs would require a higher skill, more focus, and more time from the artist, hence the higher fee.

Would the artist be painting just one cheek or would each child have both cheeks painted?

These are some things to decide on before the artist begins.

You could work around this though by having younger kids go for simpler designs while the older ones can request for the more complex designs.

5) Distance Covered

A makeup paint artist traveling several kilometers for your event would definitely come highly-priced.

Her hourly budget would be determined by a few factors including parking space and gas.

How Much Does a Makeup Paint Artist Cost for Kids?

Unless a painter comes highly recommended, most people would rather go for one closer by.

Getting a Good Makeup Paint Job Done on a Budget

If you are working with a budget, you want to opt for alternatives that would present with the same results.

Besides going with beginner painters, other good options include:

1) Going with Competitive Pricing

Obviously, like most markets, the face painting is also quite competitive, and artists, looking to stay above the fold, would offer competitive pricing.

You could still get a seasoned artist for a fair price.

2) Look Out for Artists Offering Discounts

Most would offer a discount for group parties or larger parties with more kids. This is similar to getting a competitive price as you would still be getting the same great value for a slightly reduced price.

3) Request For Quotes From a Few Painters

The most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best. A seasoned painter might offer a price slash for a duration and you could get lucky.

Their reviews usually would be a pointer to the fact they are one of the best and that you have nothing to worry about.

You want to have a few artists send you their quotes and then you make a selection after consisting.

4) Book in Advance

Some artists would offer a slight discount when you book in advance. Most face painters adopt this method to ensure they get continuous work.

You might also get other incentives alongside like extended hours and some free face painting for a few interested adults.

3) Opt for DIY Face Painting Kits

The idea is for the kids to have fun anyway and all that playing with the colors and getting themselves “dirty” would be a whole world of fun to these kids.

A lot of these DIY face painting packs can be got online and the kids can have fun doing each other’s paintings with one or more adults around to supervise.


Most makeup face painters work with a price range, determined by a few factors like their expertise, the duration of the event, how many kids will be painted, and the distance to be traveled, among others.

Usually, you can get the same value at a slightly lower feel when you employ factors known to work in the industry.

These include looking out for discounts, opting for competitive pricing, and booking in advance.

You could also just have the kids paint themselves via an organized DIY, with the older kids or a few experienced adults helping out.

The idea is for the kids to be entertained and have as much fun while at it.

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