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How to Do Old Women Makeup For Kids

A young child on an old woman makeup and costume


Old age comes naturally, but the beauty of being a beauty expert is that you can transform people into a cute, gory or aged makeup look.  This does not exempt children. Makeup is a magical way of making yourself or your children look more beautiful, younger or older. 

Transforming a child into an old woman can be an exciting and fun way to develop a relationship with your kids and also spend more time with them. Most times, this type of makeup look is chosen based on the activities happening in school e.g. old school day, Halloween or stage activities. 

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As a guardian, you wouldn’t want to ruin your child’s memories by rejecting the look. What you have to do is to learn and support the child in the best possible means which includes learning how to do the makeup yourself. 

These will give you an edge to know what fits your child’s skin and the brands of makeup they can use. In this article, I am going to show you a simple step-by-step process of applying old women’s makeup on kids, items needed and frequently asked questions. Let’s begin the process. 

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  1. Prepare the Face for Makeup Application
  2. Cleanse and Moisturize the Face
  3. Gather the Required Makeup Items
  4. Step-by-Step Makeup Application
  5. Foundation and Concealer
  6. Eyeshadow
  7. Eyeliner and Mascara
  8. Blush
  9. Lipstick
  10. List of items used for the Makeup. 
  11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Step 1: Preparing the Face for Makeup Application

Preparing a child’s face for makeup is as simple as anything.  Here is what you should do: 

1. Cleanse and Moisturize the Face

Start by gently cleaning the face with a mild face cleanser and warm water to remove any dirt or impurities. Then Follow up with a lightweight moisturizer,  this is to ensure that the skin is hydrated and ready for makeup application.

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2. Gather the Required Makeup Items

After cleaning and moisturizing the face, bring out the following items

  1. Foundation and concealer suitable for the children’s skin tone.
  2. Makeup Blush in a shade that complements the tone.
  3. Lip liner pencil, Lipstick or lip gloss (dark red or brownish shades)
  4. powder
  5. Eyeshadow palette (brown, grey, and black)
  6. Eyeliner pencil and mascara (brown or black)
  7. Makeup brushes and powder brushes (for application and blending)
  8. Makeup sponges

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Step 2: Simply Step-by-Step Process of Applying Old Women Makeup For Kids

In this section, I am going to walk you through a step-by-step process of applying old women’s makeup for kids while making it appear as natural and seamless as possible. Below is a simple guide on how to get started. 

Apply Foundation and Concealer

Apply a small amount of foundation to even out the skin tone. Blend it well using a makeup sponge or brush. The foundation should be a few shades lighter than your child’s skin to achieve an older pale look. Make sure it covers the entire face of the child, neck and any exposed areas. Lightly dust a loose powder all over the children to prevent smudging while attending to other aspects of the make. 

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Apply Eye Makeup

Start by applying a grey or brown eyeshadow as a base colour all over the eyelid. This is to add depth and also define the look. since we aim to create a subtle aged look that is why we are using a darker shade for the look. Blend the colours using a blending brush for a seamless look.

To mimic the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, create shadows and depth on a specific face area using brown, grey and black eyeshadow.  Apply the eyeshadow under the cheekbones, around the eyes and forehead using a fluffy brush. 

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C. Create Wrinkles and Lines

Apply a thin line of eyeliner along the upper lash line, extending it slightly at the outer corner for a subtle winged effect. The eyeliner or eye pencil can be black or brown. Use the eye pencil to draw lines and wrinkles on the face. Focus on areas where wrinkles are normally found, such as the forehead, cheeks, around the eyes and mouth area.

D. Enhance The Eyebrow

Majority of older women often have grey hairs on their heads, and lighter or greying eyebrows and eyelashes. To create this look, softly fill in your child’s eyebrow with a grey eyeshadow or light brown. You can use a white or ash eyeshadow to brush the eyelashes, although this is optional. Avoid making the eyebrow too dark as we want to maintain a natural old look. 

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E. Apply Blush to the Cheeks and Create Age Spots

If you want to enhance the old woman’s makeup, you can apply a little blush to the child’s cheeks, tell the child to smile to locate the apples of the cheeks, and then apply a blush in a circular motion. Blend the blush gently to create a natural flush. You can use a dusty rose or light brown shades.

Although older women tend to have a muted and faded blush skin colour. After getting the desired blush look, you can choose to create age spots on the child’s face, for a more realistic look. To achieve this, apply small dots on the face in an irregular pattern to stimulate age spots. Use a fine-tip eyeliner brush and brown eyeshadow or liquid eyeliner for the dots. 

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F.  Apply Lip Makeup

For the lip makeup, outline the lips by using a lip liner pencil in a shade similar to the lipstick you’ll be using. Extend the lip line slightly to create a thinner, less defined look. 

Use a lip brush to fill in the lips with dark red or brownish lipstick or apply the lipstick or lip gloss directly. Avoiding glossy or vibrant shades. Dab the lips gently with a tissue to create a more matte appearance, mimicking the effect of aged lips. Ensure the lip colour is evenly applied and well-defined.


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G.  Setting the Makeup

Set up the makeup by using a makeup brush to lightly apply translucent powder or baby powder to the face. This helps the makeup to last longer and also prevents the makeup from smudging. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long will the makeup last?

The longevity of the makeup hinges on several factors, including the quality of the products used, the skin type of the child, and the duration of the performance. However, using long-lasting and waterproof makeup products can help ensure that the makeup stays intact throughout the performance. 

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What if the kid has sensitive skin?

If the kid has sensitive skin, it’s crucial to choose makeup products that are hypoallergenic and specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Perform a patch test before the actual day to check for any adverse reactions.

Additionally, ensure a proper skincare routine for the kid before and after makeup application to minimize the risk of skin irritation.

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How should I remove the Makeup after the Festival?

Gentle makeup removers or micellar water can be used to remove the makeup. Start by wiping off the majority of the makeup with face wipes or cotton pads. Follow up with a mild cleanser to thoroughly clean the skin and apply moisturizer to rehydrate the skin after makeup removal.


In Summary 

Remember, creating an old makeup look for children is an opportunity to showcase creativity and enhance their stage presence. Practice with different looks and faces, adapt them to the style of the look, and most importantly, have fun during the process.

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