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How To Do Werewolf Makeup For Kid: 4 Simple Steps

How To Do Werewolf Makeup For Kid: 4 Simple Steps


One of the most fun and exciting ways to transform your kids into mystic creatures for Halloween or different stage drama presentations is through Werewolf makeup. 

Over the decades, parents have dealt with a lot of skin reactions as a result of the items they used on their child’s skin but I can assure you that with the right techniques and materials, you can create a realistic and impressive werewolf look without the worries of how your child’s skin will react. 

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In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to do werewolf makeup on kids, including outlining the process, necessary items, application techniques, and some commonly asked questions.


  1. 11 Items needed for a werewolf makeup 
  • Face paint palette or individual face paint colours (grey, brown, black)
  • Makeup sponges
  • Makeup brushes (various sizes)
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Brown or black eyeshadow
  • Disposable makeup wedges
  • Fake fur or faux fur wig (optional)
  • Spirit gum adhesive (if using fake fur)
  • Makeup setting powder or translucent powder
  • Makeup setting spray (optional)
  • Baby wipes or makeup remover for cleanup
  1. Application technique 
  • Preparing the Face
  • Applying the Base Makeup
  • Creating the Werewolf Features
  • Adding Finishing Touches
  1. Conclusion
  2. FAQ

11 compulsory items Needed For a Werewolf Makeup

Most of the items I used in creating stunning werewolf makeup look for kids include the following: 

  1. Face paint palette or individual face paint colours (grey, brown, black)


Kids face paint palette

Choosing face paint for kids is quite hectic, especially when you are looking for the most suitable face paint colour for werewolf makeup and costume. Most times I usually go for black, brown and grey. 

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Children have delicate skin which is why It’s very vital to test run some brand products before using them on a child’s skin. A sensitive person can easily react to certain face paint which will lead to either skin irritation or itchiness.

Ensure to go for the most suitable one and be gentle when applying it on the child’s face. Kids’ face paint palettes can be gotten from online shopping websites like Amazon, jumia and local makeup stores. 

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2. Makeup sponges

Image of a makeup sponge

Makeup sponges are used to dab and blend different face paint and powder.  It can be gotten online or from a physical store. It usually comes in different forms, types and textures. 

It is advisable to go for a soft makeup sponge that can easily be washed or soaked in water. To avoid skin irritation or reactions, don’t use a single makeup sponge for different kids. 

Ensure to wash the sponge with warm water after using it. this is to prevent the transfer of germs etc

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3. Makeup brushes (various sizes)

Image of different sizes of makeup brush

 Makeup brush are usually used for various reasons like applying setting powder, eye shadow, drawing eyelids and applying blush. When doing werewolf makeup for a child, makeup brushes are normally used to blend the eye shadows and apply setting powder to the child’s face. 

Makeup blush is of different sizes and for different purposes. It can be gotten from online makeup stores or physical shopping stores. 

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4. Black eyeliner pencil

Smooth black eyeliner pencil

The black eyeliner pencil is used to draw different outlines on the eyes. In werewolf makeup black eyeliner pencil is very important as it is used to draw different lines on the child’s face to create a realistic whisk on child’s face.  

It is very easy to get from retail shops and online stores. Do not allow the eyeliner pencil to come in contact with the eye. These can make the child start rubbing the eyes and ruin the whole makeup.

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5. Brown or black eyeshadow

Dark shades of eyeshadows

For realistic smoky werewolf eyes, black or brown eyeshadow is the best recommendation. It brings out the desired look in a child if properly and moderately applied. 

6. Disposable makeup wedges

Image of disposable Makeup wedge

A disposable makeup wedge is used as an alternative to a makeup sponge. It is easy to dispose of and best to use when making up some numbers of children. It is advisable to use because it helps to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination and cross-infections.

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7. Fake fur or faux fur wigs and costumes 

Kids fake fur and costume


Getting a fake fur wig and costumes is quite easy.  As the nature of the makeup implies, you will need to get werewolf outfits for the child to match with the make-up during the Halloween festival. 

These costumes are easy to get from Online shopping stores and physical stores. To protect the child from any form of reaction,  go for what is most suitable and comfortable for the kid. These include the length of the fur and the texture. 

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Do not allow the child to play or be close to fire while wearing this costume.  Ensure to be available for the child or attach an older guardian to attend Halloween parties with the child. 

8. Spirit gum adhesive (if using fake fur)

Spirit Gum Adhesive and Removal

Spirit gum adhesive is usually used to attach fake fur to the face when doing stage makeup for kids and adults. Most come with an adhesive removal which makes it easier to remove the fur after using the costume.  

You can order spirit gum adhesive from Amazon and other stores. When using this ensure to protect the eyes area of the child. 

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Do not allow the adhesive to come in contact with the kid’s eyes, this could be very dangerous for the child. Be careful about the usage and quantity to apply when using.  

9. Makeup setting powder or translucent powder

Image of a makeup setting powder or Translucent powder

When doing werewolf makeup for a child, setting powder is very important.  In most cases, it is used to set the base of the makeup as it helps to control excess smudging, sweating and increase the makeup’s lasting lifespan.

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10. Makeup setting spray (optional)

Makeup setting spray

Using setting spray on a child’s face is to adjust the longevity of the makeup applied. It helps to keep the makeup intact for a long time even if the child is sweating. 

You can get the perfect makeup spray from kids’ makeup stores, Amazon or other makeup websites. 

While using the setting spray, ensure to cover the child’s eye to avoid the spray getting into the eyes of the child.

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11. Baby wipes or makeup remover

Baby wipes or makeup remover for cleanup

Baby wipes are a very necessary item to keep close when making up a child. It is used to wipe off mistakes, dab excess application of a particular product and clean the child’s face. 

Baby wipes can cause skin irritation if not properly used. To prevent skin irritation, ensure to be very gentle while using it. It is a very common item that is easy to find. This can be gotten at local baby stores, party supply stores, or online retailers.

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Application technique 

Preparing the Face

Image: A mother cleaning a child’s face

As a parent or guardian making up a child, you will have to pay serious attention to your child’s skin and test various products before starting the makeup application.

 These will enable you to know if your child has sensitive skin, an adverse reaction or allergies to the makeup products.

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Ensure to clean the child’s face with clean water or baby wipes and allow the face to dry before applying the base makeup.  

Applying the Base Makeup

Application of gray and dark face paint to the kid’s face

After drying the child’s face with a towel or wipes, apply light grey face paint on the child’s face and neck with the use of a makeup sponge while avoiding the eyes area. 

Ensure that the makeup sponge you are going to use is damp. A damp makeup will allow you to blend the face paint evenly for a smooth base. 

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After using the makeup sponge to apply the grey paint on the child’s face,  clean the sponge and lightly dip it into a brown face paint, Dab the sponge onto a paper towel to remove excess paint.

Apply the brown paint to the child’s cheeks, temples, and jawline to create a shadowed effect. After getting the desired shadowed effect, the next thing is to create a smoky effect around the child’s eyes and this is done by using a makeup brush to apply a brown or black eyeshadow to the eyelids. Blend the eyeshadow outwards to create a smoky effect.

To set the base makeup, dust a thin layer of setting powder or translucent powder all over the face. This will prevent smudging, excess sweating and increase the makeup’s longevity. 

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Create the Werewolf Features

Werewolf face paint feature

To get the desired werewolf features, use a black eyeliner pencil to draw a rough outline of the werewolf’s nose on the child’s nose. Extend the outline upward toward the forehead, creating a triangle shape.

Use the same eyeliner pencil to draw vertical lines starting from the upper lip and extend it down to the chin to get the werewolf’s snout.

Fill in the triangle-shaped area on the nose with black face paint or eyeliner pencil.  Do the same thing to the lines you draw on the upper lip and chin. 

To create realistic-looking fur use short, quick strokes with brown face paint or eyeshadow along the cheekbones, jawline, and temples. Blend the strokes using a brush or sponge. 

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Add Finishing Touches

If you have chosen to use fake fur or a faux fur wig, cut small sections from it and attach them to the child’s face using spirit gum adhesive. 

Then apply a thin layer of spirit gum to the back of the fur pieces and press them onto the desired areas, such as the eyebrows or cheeks. Ensure to keep the adhesive far from the eyes. Better still, avoid getting adhesive near the eyes and trim any excess fur for a neater appearance. 

Apply black face paint or eyeliner pencil to the child’s eyebrows to darken and define the shape, making them appear more wolf-like. This can be done by using short, feathery strokes to mimic the texture of fur. 

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Enhance the eyes by applying black or dark brown eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelids, blending it outward for a smoky effect. Line the upper lash line with black eyeliner and apply mascara if desired.

For added features, use brown or black eyeshadow to contour the child’s face. Apply it along the hollows of the cheeks, the sides of the nose, and the jawline to create a more defined and wolf-like appearance.

Once the makeup is complete, assess the overall look and make any necessary touch-ups like using a clean makeup brush or sponge to blend any harsh lines or edges for a seamless transition between colours. 

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If you want lasting makeup for the child, lightly mist the face with a makeup setting spray. This is to help close off colours and prevent smudging or fading throughout the day or night.

Encourage the child to get into character by practising their werewolf movements and growling sounds with his or her mates. This will enhance the overall effect of their transformation and give them the courage to be themselves while enjoying Halloween. 


Creating a werewolf makeup look for kids can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this guide, you can transform your child into a fearsome and realistic werewolf.

Remember to gather the necessary items, prepare the face properly, apply the base makeup, create the werewolf features, and then add finishing touches. With a little creativity and patience, your child will be ready to howl at the moon in style!

If you have done this before,  you can practicing on your child’s face a few days before Halloween.  By the time you step into the season, getting the most beautiful look will not be hard as you’ve already practiced and perfected what you want your kids to look like.  

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Can I use regular face paint for werewolf makeup? 

Yes, regular face paint or special-effects makeup is suitable for creating a werewolf look. Ensure to choose face paint that is safe for use on the skin and avoid any products that may cause some reactions and allergies.

How can I remove the werewolf makeup from a child’s face? 

To remove the werewolf makeup from the child’s face, use baby wipes or a gentle makeup remover to wipe away the makeup. Be gentle and careful while cleaning the skin to prevent any form of skin irritation. 

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Can I use real fur for werewolf makeup?

No, you can’t. It is recommended to use fake fur or faux fur wigs for safety and ethical reasons. This is because real fur can cause allergies and discomfort. Additionally, using real fur encourages the unscrupulous treatment of animals. 

Can I modify the werewolf makeup for different ages? 

Absolutely yes!! You can modify the intensity and complexity of the makeup based on the child’s age and preferences. For younger children, keep the makeup simple and avoid using adhesive or any potentially irritating products. While for an older child, you can explore and be as creative as you want. Mind you, don’t use products that cause skin irritation. 

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How long will the werewolf makeup last?

Depending  on the child’s skin type and with proper application and setting techniques, the werewolf makeup can last for several hours. However, factors such as sweating, rubbing, or touching the face may cause some smudging or fading. It’s usually advisable to carry some touch-up supplies for quick fixes if needed.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Have fun experimenting with different techniques and customizing the werewolf makeup look to suit your child’s personality and style.  

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