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How to do Unicorn Makeup For Kids

A mom applying unicorn makeup on her child’s face

Unicorn makeup is a magical and flighty way to transform your child into a mythical creature. The idea of transforming into a unicorn is always common among little girls. The idea to become a magical creature is mostly sponsored by animations and cartoons like Barbie and History. 

In this article, I will walk you through the process of creating unicorn makeup for kids, from outlining the design to applying the makeup and addressing common concerns. 

And with a few simple steps and the right items, trust me you are going to create a stunning unicorn look that will make your little one’s eyes brighten up with amazement. Let’s dive in!


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Outlining the Unicorn Makeup Design

Before applying any makeup, it’s important to outline the unicorn design on your child’s face. This will serve as a guide to ensure a symmetrical and cohesive look. Here’s how you can do it:

Start by sketching the basic outline of a unicorn’s face using a white eyeliner pencil. Begin with the forehead, draw a curved line down to the bridge of the nose, and then extend it along the cheeks to form the shape of the face.

Add a horn in the centre of the forehead by drawing a straight line upward from the middle of the forehead. Then, create a spiral shape around it to give it a flighty touch.


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Next, draw the unicorn’s eyes. These can be large, doe-like eyes with long eyelashes. Use the eyeliner pencil to outline the eyes, adding winged eyeliner for an enchanting effect.

Complete the outline by drawing a small, curved smile or heart-shaped mouth just below the nose.

Items Required for Unicorn Makeup

To create a magical unicorn look, gather the following items:

Face paint or makeup palette: Look for face paint or a makeup palette that includes a variety of vibrant colours Ensure that the products are safe for children’s sensitive skin.

Brushes and sponges: Invest in a set of face paint brushes and sponges for smooth application and blending. Different brush sizes and shapes will be helpful for creating various details.

Glitter: Choose cosmetic-grade glitter in different colours to add a sparkling touch to the unicorn design.

False eyelashes: Optional but highly recommended for an extra magical touch. Opt for lashes specifically designed for kids.

Makeup remover wipes: Have makeup remover wipes on hand for easy removal at the end of the day.


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Application of Unicorn Makeup

Now that you have the necessary items, let’s delve into applying the unicorn makeup on your child:


Clean the child’s face and moisturize

Begin by cleansing your child’s face with a gentle cleanser, followed by applying a moisturizer suitable for their skin type. This will create a smooth canvas for the makeup.


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Apply Base colour

Start by applying a white or pastel-coloured face paint as the base. Use a damp sponge for even coverage, applying it all over the face, excluding the eye area.


Apply Eye Makeup

Use a small brush and a mix of vibrant colours from the palette to create a gradient effect on the eyelids. Blend the colours gently to achieve a seamless transition. Apply a thin line of eyeliner along the upper lash line.


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Apply Glitter and embellishments

Add a touch of magic with glitter! Apply a small amount of non-toxic glitter to the eyelids, cheeks, and even the horn. Use a clean, dry brush to carefully press the glitter onto the face.


Attach Pre-made Unicorn horn

Apply a coat of metallic or iridescent face paint to the horn area. Once dry, draw spiral patterns using different colours to make it pop. Optionally, attach a premade unicorn horn headband to complete the look.


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Fix False eyelashes for The Child(optional)

For an extra touch of magic, consider applying false eyelashes. Trim the lashes to fit your child’s eye shape, apply a thin layer of lash glue along the lash band, and carefully place them on the upper lash line.


Set the makeup

To ensure longevity, gently dust a translucent setting powder over the face using a large fluffy brush. This will help the makeup stay in place and reduce any shine.

Add Finishing touches

Enhance the unicorn design by adding highlights, shading, and details such as freckles, stars, or flowers using fine-tipped brushes and appropriate colors.s


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Tips and Tricks for Unicorn Makeup


Safety first

Always opt for face paints and cosmetics that are specifically designed for use on children. Look for non-toxic, hypoallergenic products to minimize the risk of skin irritation.


Patch test 

Before applying any new product to your child’s face, perform a patch test on a small area of their skin to check for any adverse reactions.


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Practice makes perfect

If you’re new to unicorn makeup, it’s a good idea to practice the design on paper or your own hand first. This will help you gain confidence and refine your technique.


Use a light hand

When applying the makeup, remember to start with a small amount and gradually build up the colour. It’s easier to add more than to remove excess.


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Embrace creativity

Unicorn makeup is all about imagination and creativity. Encourage your child to choose their own colour combinations and add personal touches to make their unicorn look truly unique.


Ensure your child comfort is comfortable 

Make sure your child is comfortable throughout the makeup application process. Avoid applying makeup near the eyes or sensitive areas, and be gentle when handling brushes and sponges.




Creating unicorn makeup for kids is a delightful way to spark their imagination and let them embrace their inner magical creatures. 

By following the outlined steps and using the recommended items, you can easily bring this enchanting look to life. Remember to prioritize safety by properly checking out the products and reading the instructions written on the product, practice frequently, and encourage creativity to make the experience enjoyable for both you and your child.

If you are looking for more creative ideas on the type of costume and look to choose during this Halloween, you can check out other blogs on this site. Trust me you are going to love it. 



Can I use regular makeup instead of face paint for unicorn makeup?

While it’s possible to use regular makeup, it’s recommended to use face paint or makeup specifically formulated for children. Regular makeup may contain ingredients that can be harsh on sensitive skin.

How do I remove unicorn makeup from my child’s face?

To remove unicorn makeup, gently wipe the face using makeup remover wipes or a gentle cleanser. Follow up with a moisturizer to hydrate the skin.

Can my child wear unicorn makeup for an extended period?

It’s best to limit the duration of wearing unicorn makeup, especially for young children. Extended wear may cause discomfort or irritation. Remove the makeup before bedtime.

Can I add accessories like flowers or gems to the unicorn makeup?

Absolutely! Accessories like flowers, gems, or stickers can be added to enhance the unicorn look. Ensure they are skin-safe and adhere properly to avoid any choking hazards.

How long does it take to create unicorn makeup on a child?

The time required may vary depending on the complexity of the design and the child’s cooperation. It typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour to complete unicorn makeup.

Remember, the most important aspect of creating unicorn makeup for kids is to have fun and let their imagination soar. Enjoy the process and watch your child’s face light up with magic and joy! 


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