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How Old Should Your Kid Be to Wear Makeup?

How Does Makeup Affect Children?

How Old Should Your Kid Be to Wear Makeup?

How old should your kid be to wear makeup? What age is appropriate to allow kids to wear makeup?

This is one question every parent or guardian will get faced with as their kid grows. Becoming self-aware and wanting to experiment with make up and other fashion products is a right of passage almost every kid will get faced with.

However, just because your child wants something doesn’t necessarily mean they should have it, especially if you have yet to determine if this is appropriate or safe for them.

To be honest, most kids will start to experiment with makeup at a much younger age. If you look back you would likely remember having stumbled upon your 5 – 7-year-old “playing” with your makeup.

From that stage, kids progress to having a stronger desire for these products. This time around, they aren’t looking to play dress-up, but are trying to express themselves.

Again, how old should your kid be to wear makeup?

Studies reveal 40 to 50% of kids will develop the desire to wear makeup around the ages 12- 14 years of age. To determine if they should be allowed to give in to this desire, experts recommend finding out why your kids want to wear makeup.

Here are the four most common reasons put forward:

1) They Give in to Peer Pressure

Around that age, some kids would already be wearing makeup and your child might not want to feel left out. The need to be liked and accepted by her peers is one of the strongest reasons why some kids develop a sudden interest in beauty and aesthetics.

Kids can be mean, especially teenagers and any reason, even one like looking different could get you singled out and picked on. Your child might be trying to blend in as best she can.

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2) It’s a Social Trend

Another strong reason for a child suddenly wanting to wear makeup is social media trends.

The social media is such a strong force and influence over most people, especially kids, and, like peer pressure, your child might be giving in to what’s around her.

3) She Feels Insecure About Her Looks

If she feels insecure about any part of her body, she might feel that wearing makeup might help “hide” this supposed inadequacy and make her pretty.

It’s easier to allow your child to wear makeup at ages 11 to 14 if their desire stems from the need for peer acceptance or the desire to emulate a celebrity they adore, so long as they don’t overdo it.

What is harmful, is allowing them to try to hide their perceived imperfections under a wall of makeup.

When these insecurities are buried, they tend to fester; gaining roots and could metamorphose into low self-esteem.

If this is your child’s reason for wanting makeup then you want to take the time to teach her instead to embrace herself; imperfections and all without the makeup.

It is important she understands that makeup works best when it’s purpose is to enhance what one already has, not hide what you feel is lacking.

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4) She Loves Makeup and The Way It Makes Her Feel

Right behind the desire to feel accepted is kids suddenly developing a keen desire for makeup and its transforming effects. If she has watched you or some other close family wear makeup over the years and seen the positive transformation it can bring, she might be keen to also experiment with her looks.

So while most guardians would let their kids start to wear makeup at age 11, you want to do it right.

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How to Get Your Child Started on Makeup

1) Be Sure The Time is Right

First off, if you feel your child is too young to wear makeup, then they probably are. You do not want your child started on this path until you both are ready for it. If you
it brings and nothing else. Experts recommend having an open discussion with your child as soon as you notice this new interest. You shouldy work on establishing expectations, setting limits, and making them understand the health and psychological impact of this new world.

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3) Guide Them in Wearing Makeup The Right Way

Since your child’s skin is still developing and much more tender, you want to start out with a lighter look. Most people start out with just lip gloss and maybe powder and ease into heavier products like foundation and eyeliner as your child advances.

4) Find Out Her Skin Type

Finding out what skin type your daughter has will make getting started on makeup a lot easier.

Some skin types react to certain makeup ingredients and you want to be prepared beforehand.

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How old should your kid be to wear makeup

4) Watch Out For How Her Skin Reacts

If she has quite the sensitive skin then she might have some reactions. Being an expert in this field will make you spot these reactions a lot faster before they progress into something much worse and you can nip it in the bud in time.

5) Avoid Certain Unsafe Products

Some makeup products contain certain ingredients that are considered unsafe. When used over time, they could produce reactions like skin swelling, hives, or worse, increase your risk of skin cancer.

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6) Show Her How to Main a Healthy Skincare Routine

A healthy skincare routine will help prevent acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other skin issues.

Setting her on this path as soon as possible will do her a world of good.


How old should your kid be to wear makeup? Research has shown that while the average age most kids start to wear makeup falls within the ages 12 – 14 bracket, it really depends on you and your child.

If your child doesn’t feel ready nor have an interest in makeup, she shouldn’t be bullied into using it. You want to watch out for signs this is happening.

You also want to be mentally prepared for this time of her life. While wearing makeup might look as simple as slapping a few coordinating colours on the face, it does come with some changes, both minor and sometimes slightly big ones.

You want to be on hand to help guide your daughter through this time of her life.

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