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How to Do Vampire Makeup For Kids: 5 easy steps

Little boys in vampire makeup costumes


Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by transforming your little one into a mesmerizing vampire? Vampire makeup is one of the ancient costume ideas that have been existing since the history of Halloween. 

It is a great way to get the kid into the spirit of Halloween and its spookiness. It is also a fun way of having a healthy and happy moment with the kid. With the right makeup techniques, you can easily bring this classic Halloween character to life. 


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It is important to note that too much vampire makeup can cause skin irritation especially when the kid has allergies. That is to say, vampire makeup on kids can be tough, as their skin is fragile and can easily be irritated.  

In this guide, I will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to create a stunning vampire makeup look for kids, the Features you need to focus on, and the different items you need to have. 

Before you start applying vampire makeup on kids make sure you gather the following items:


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6 Different Items You Need To Have Before Applying Vampire Makeup on Kids

Vampire make is one of the great ways to enhance a kid’s natural look during Halloween to a more spooky and aesthetic look. Although a lot of brands produce various makeup items for kids, it is necessary to know which brand is best for the kid’s skin. 

So that when choosing the items needed to create this spooky look you won’t make a mistake. Let’s take a look at the items needed for a kid’ vampire makeup: 

  1. White or Light-Coloured Face paint 
  2. Black, Gray and Brown Eyeshadow
  3. Black or Dark Brown Eyeliner
  4. Red Lipstick or Lip Gloss
  5. Makeup Brushes and Sponges
  6. Fake Eyelashes

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White or Light-Coloured Face Paint

Choosing face paint for kids is quite stressful especially when you are not sure of how the kid’s skin reacts to a new product. It is always nice to look for hypoallergenic, non-toxic face paint suitable for children. You can find these at party supply stores or online.


Black, Gray, and Brown Eye Shadows

The best eyeshadows colours that are best for vampire makeup are black, grey and brown. If you can’t easily get those dark colours, I suggest you opt for Halloween-themed makeup kits that offer a variety of colours. In the kit, you can find everything you will need for the vampire look. Alternatively, you can use individual eyeshadow pans or palettes.


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Black or Dark Brown Eyeliner

 A black or dark brown eyeliner pencil or liquid liner is the best used to define the eyes when doing any type of Halloween makeup for both adults and kids. Carefully use the eyeliner to draw the precise lines that will give the child your desired look.  Do not allow the eyeliner to get into the child’s eyes as this may cause itchiness and redness. 


Red Lipstick or Lip Gloss 

When choosing a lipstick or lip gloss that fits the child’s outfit, ensure to pick a rich, blood-red shade that complements your child’s complexion. The lip is one of the most vital parts of the face to focus on when doing any type of makeup for either a child or an adult. It is important to not apply too much red lipstick on the child, especially when the child touches his or her face from time to time.  


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Makeup Brushes and Sponges

Makeup brushes and sponges are of various types and sizes and they are used for different purposes. For kids’ makeup use small brushes for precise application of translucent powder or white powder and sponges for blending the face paint. 


Fake Lashes (Optional)

If your child is comfortable wearing children’s fake lashes, what stops you from adding a touch of drama to the eyes? Make sure you choose kid-friendly, and lightweight lashes. Now let’s take a look at the Features you need to focus on when doing vampire makeup for kids


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4 Features to Focus On When Doing Vampire Makeup For Kids

Before we take a look at the application process, let’s discuss the key features of a vampire makeup look for kids and how to achieve them.

  1. Pale skin
  2. Dark and Dramatic Eyes
  3. Blood-Red Lips
  4. Vampire fangs and bites


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Pale Skin

Vampires are known for their pale complexion. This knowledge came from the ancient tales we were told and the articles about vampires that we read in the past. 

Movies and novels like Dracula also add to our beliefs of how pale vampires look because they can’t come in contact with sunlight if not they will burn to ash. To  achieve this look, use white or light-coloured face paint and blend properly to the child’s face and noticeable body parts like hands (if the costume does not cover those places)


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Dark and Dramatic Eyes

Unlike other mystic creatures, vampires usually have these dark dramatic eyes that can input fear into a person. To get the exact type of eyes for your child, emphasize the eyes with smoky eye shadow, eyeliner, and fake lashes to create a captivating gaze.

Blend the eyeshadow properly to get the spooky look and when applying the eyeliner, ensure that the child is not distracted by anything. Pick comfy eyelashes for your child. Ensure that the fake lashes are not touching the child’s eyes. 


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Blood-Red Lips

Vampire makeup is not always complete without deep red lips that exude mystery and allure. A red lipstick is best recommended for this look and lipsticks can be gotten from both online and local stores. 

Some lipstick contains some chemicals that are not good for digestion. Read about the ingredients used in making the lipstick and if you find out it contains some toxins do not purchase it. Warn your child to not lick his or her lipstick when wearing it for them. 


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Vampire fangs and bite (Optional)

You can add a touch of realism to the vampire makeup and costume by fixing fake fangs for your child and a vampire bite mark using makeup or temporary tattoos.

The fangs can be gotten from kid’s cosmetic shops and costume stores. If your child is prone to infections and possible allergies to some products that have metal in them, ensure to read the instructions and guidelines of the product. Like an adult, applying makeup on a child’s face needs a step-by-step process of the application. Here is a guide on how to apply vampire makeup on kids: 


How to Apply Vampire Makeup on Kids: 5 Easy Steps 

Vampire makeup choices are very common during Halloween, and children love going for that look, especially when they have a stage performance during the festival because it is used to scare people from a distance. 

These 7 easy steps to applying vampire makeup on kids are super simple to follow and straightforward. The steps will guide you and help you speed up the process of applying vampire makeup on your child or the kid’s face as it is very easy to remember: 

  1. Prepare the child’s skin
  2. Create a pale complexion
  3. Defined the eyes
  4. Apply blood-red lipstick 
  5. Finishing touches

Prepare the Skin

Before applying vampire makeup on a child, It is important to ensure that the child’s face is clean, ready and free from any form of dirt or oil. Begin the makeup by cleaning the child’s face with a gentle baby wipe or cleanser before applying any makeup. 

If necessary, apply a light moisturizer to prevent dryness. Wait for some minutes for the moisturizer to be absorbed by the child’s skin before applying face paint. 


Create a Pale Complexion

To create a pale complexion for a child, it is important to choose a face paint that is light-coloured or white. White face paint is usually best for kids or young children. 

For the application of the face paint, use a sponge or brush to apply the white or light-coloured face paint evenly on the child’s face. Avoid the eye and lip areas for now.


Defined The Eyes

When defining the eyes: 

1. Apply black or grey eyeshadow to the eyelids, starting from the lash line and blending upwards towards the crease.

2. Use a small brush or sponge to smudge the eye shadow along the lower lash line for a smoky effect.

3. Line the upper lash line with eyeliner, extending it slightly beyond the outer corner to create a winged look.

4. If desired, apply a pair of kid-friendly fake lashes following the package instructions. After rounding up with the eyes area we can now move to the lip area


Apply Blood-Red Lipstick

When applying red lipstick to the lip area: 

1. Carefully line the lips with a lip liner in a shade similar to the chosen red lipstick.

2. Fill in the lips with red lipstick or lip gloss, ensuring an even and bold application. Getting the best lips outcome is always the goal.  After getting your desired look we will now add the finishing touches.


Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches, the following is very vital: 


To add depth and dimension to the vampire’s face, you can use a grey or brown eyeshadow to contour the cheekbones, temples, and jawline. Blend it well for a subtle effect.


Fake Blood

If you want to take vampire makeup to the next level, consider adding some fake blood. Apply it strategically around the vampire bite mark or create the illusion of blood dripping from the corners of the mouth. You can find fake blood at costume stores or make your own using corn syrup and food colouring.


Nail Polish

Don’t forget to paint your child’s nails with dark or black nail polish to complete the vampire ensemble. This small detail can make a big difference in the overall look.



Pair the vampire makeup with an appropriate hairstyle. Sleek, slicked-back hair or loose, tousled waves can complement the vampire theme and add an extra touch of spookiness.

Remember, to be perfect you need to practice often! Before the big day, give yourself some time to practice the vampire makeup on your child. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the process and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience on Halloween.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


How do I ensure the vampire makeup is safe for my child’s skin?

It’s essential to choose products that are specifically designed for children’s sensitive skin. Look for hypoallergenic and non-toxic face paints, and perform a patch test on a small area of your child’s skin before applying the makeup to their face. If any redness or irritation occurs, avoid using that product.


How do I remove the vampire makeup?

To remove the makeup, use a gentle cleanser or baby wipes to wipe away the face paint. For stubborn makeup, you can use mild soap and water or a makeup remover specifically designed for sensitive skin. Make sure to moisturize your child’s skin afterwards to prevent any dryness.


Can I customize the vampire makeup look based on my child’s preferences?

Absolutely! While we’ve provided a basic vampire makeup guide, feel free to get creative and adapt the look to suit your child’s preferences. You can add glitter, and rhinestones, or even experiment with different colours to make the vampire look unique and personalized.


Is it necessary to use fake lashes for vampire makeup?

Fixing fake lashes for your child is optional and it depends on your child’s comfort. If your child feels comfortable wearing them, they can enhance the overall vampire look. However, if they find it uncomfortable or distracting, you can skip this step and focus on other elements of the makeup.




Creating a vampire makeup look for kids is a fun and exciting way to commemorate Halloween. With a pale countenance, dramatic eyes, blood-red lips, and attention to detail, your child will be ready to impress everyone with their spooktacular vampire makeup look. 

If you wish to add a vampire bite mark, use a temporary tattoo or create one using red face paint. Apply it to the desired area, such as the neck or cheek. Be sure to place their safety first, and probably practice with their face two to three times before the Halloween festival. 

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