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How to Do a Butterfly Makeup for Kids

How to Do a Butterfly Makeup for Kids

The butterfly makeup is one of the most beautiful makeup anyone can wear for Halloween or any other event. Creating this look for your child can be a memorable time and experience for you both. The transformation from a simple bright-eyed kid to a beautiful butterfly can be an exciting one for anyone, especially kids.

The best part about this look is that it takes a considerably short time to achieve when compared to other Halloween makeup ideas.

If you are considering this look, here are the steps to get started:

1) Get the Makeup Essentials Needed

The butterfly makeup is essentially one where you draw butterfly wings across the eyes, using the bridge of the nose as the body of the butterfly. Seeing as you will be drawing these wings, here are the items that will be required:

– Non-toxic face paint in two or more colors. Be aware though that while you want your butterfly colourful, you don’t want to use more than two or three colors to avoid it being tacky.

If your child has sensitive skin then you should opt for hypoallergenic makeup to help keep her face reaction-free. As an alternative, you could use eyeshadow colors or matte lipstick. However, if going for this, you want to use a primer as a base to increase the makeup’s staying power.

– A white pencil for outlining. This would be used to draw the butterfly wings and body before filling it in. As an alternative, you could use a darker hue pencil or one in the same color as you would be using for the wings.

– Makeup brushes. These would be greatly needed to fill up the butterfly wings outline. The number of brushes to be used would depend on the number of colors you’ll be using. You don’t want to risk the colors running together if you use fewer brushes than is needed.

– Face Glitters. Not a requirement, but would make your butterfly wings pop.

– Hair Accessories. This is also not a requirement, however, if you can get one that looks like a butterfly’s ears, then this would be the perfect finish to your butterfly makeup. 

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2) Getting Started

Now that you have your makeup essentials sorted, the next stage would be to start your makeup properly. First, you want to have the canvas (face) prepped and ready to be painted. After washing the face, apply some moisturizer to smooth out the skin. This will also make your makeup look better.

butterfly makeup
Adorable Chinese sisters lying side by side with their faces brightly painted

3) Outline Your Butterfly Wings

Now you can get started creating the butterfly makeup. You start with the wings, outlining. them around both eyes. If you find you won’t be able to get real wings, you could always purchase butterfly wing stencils before the main day Draw your outline using your pencil color of choice and then proceed to the next step. 

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4) Fill it Up

Your butterfly makeup is almost ready at this point. With the wings drawn you will find it This is the main point in your butterfly makeup creation. Here, you start to fill yo the wing outlined using bright and bold colors. Any bright color will work fine at this point. Butterflies typically have very beautiful colors and you should let your imagination lead you here. As an alternative you could just opt for your child’s favorite colors, that way they’ll feel a lot more involved in the makeup process.

5) Sprinkles and Other Items

With the wings filled out, now would be the time to add some sprinkles. You don’t want to use too much; just a little to make your face paint pop.

You also should apply a subtle lipstick at this point to complete the look. 

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6) Capture the Moments

You won’t be getting this moment again, so you want to take the time to capture it in whatever form. Take as many pictures as you want for keepsake or make it a lot more real by making a video.

This latter choice is a lot more preferred for most people, seeing as you can have someone video the entire makeup process from start to finish.

7) Don’t Forget to Clean up Afterward

Once the event is done, you will want to get all that makeup or paint off. Sadly, your child might be too tired to wash and at this point, the next step best thing you want to settle for is the use of face wipes or makeup remover.

Gently wipe off the makeup and paint a few times over until none is left.

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What to Avoid When Creating Butterfly Makeup for a Kid

Kids have more tender skin than adults, so, even if your child doesn’t exactly have sensitive skin, you want to still exercise some caution. Here are some you want to be aware of:

– Use only quality products. High-quality products come with some guarantee and you can be sure these will be safe for your child.

– Avoid non-toxic products. While some products would come with a seal of being of superior quality, they still would be considered toxic for a child’s sensitive Ensure you go for products that are certified child-safe.

– Less is more. Less complicated designs mean you stand a higher chance of finishing on time. You also want to consider going for this option if you are new to face painting.

– Doing it all Alone

Not allowing your child to get involved is stealing this precious moment away from her. There are also a few ways she can do this, from picking the butterfly design to adding a few dots or other little designs of her choice.

– Don’t forget to take off all makeup just before you retire. You also want to watch the makeup brushes and any other items that will be used.

– Don’t forget to capture the moment for all of the line. 

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The butterfly makeup creation is always a fun time. Besides letting your child’s creative juices flow, it also allows for you both to spend some quality time together. So, create away, and if you don’t get it perfect the first time around always remember that practice makes perfect. 

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