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10 Things to Know About the Mermaid Makeup for Kids

mermaid makeup for kids

10 Things to Know About the Mermaid Makeup for Kids

The mermaid world is an enchanted one. Most of us may not have seen a mermaid firsthand; while there have been claims of sightings of a mermaid, there are no scientific claims backing these. However, we all know that if they exist they are beautiful to behold.

If the mermaid look is one that appeals to you for Halloween or any other event, here are ten fun and interesting facts you should know about mermaids

mermaid makeup

10 Key Facts About Mermaids and Mermaid Makeup

1) Mermaids Signify Life

Mermaids and mermen are a significant part of the sea. Considered higher animals in the world of the sea, these creatures signify life and fertility. On the flip side, mermaids also embody destruction as they could lure unsuspecting sals to their death by drowning. 

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2) You Need to Get the Color Right

While most people make use of pink for their mermaid makeup and get away with it, your best bet for getting the perfect mermaid makeup is to draw your inspiration from the sea.

Since the sea can assume a green or blue color, it’s only natural and fitting that your mermaid makeup routine also follows this same color scheme. You can go blue, green, or turquoise to achieve that same desired whimsical look.

3) Glitter is Your Friend Here

Not too heavy on this makeup item, but adding some glitter to your mermaid makeup will bring it to life a lot quicker.

You can sprinkle some shimmer onto your eyelids after applying your eyeshadow or just go right ahead and use an eyeshadow that comes with some glitters.

You could also add some of these to your cheeks and sprinkle on the hair if you are comfortable with that. 

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4) Scales is Also a Must Have

It might seem impossible to have scales, but this is about the easiest part of the mermaid makeup for anyone.

You could go right ahead and purchase one or more packs of reusable mermaid scale stencils on Amazon. This makes it easy to draw the scales on any part of the face.

As an alternative, you could use fishnet stockings and your eyeshadow to achieve the same result. 

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4) The Eyes Are a Key Part of Your Mermaid Makeup

The eyes are a window to the soul anytime, any day and this is no different in the mermaid world. To create that perfect mermaid look, work on bringing the eyes to life using a perfect blend of colors.

Here you could mix blue and green or just get the right shade of turquoise and use this instead. Don’t forget to include a bit of eyeliner and mascara for slightly older kids. 

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5) The Cheeks Are Not Left Out

Once you get the eye makeup right, you want to focus on the cheeks next.

Again, using the eyeshadow blend of blue and green from the eyes, apply this to the cheeks. As an alternative, you could use a blue-green or turquoise blush, not forgetting to add your glitter on top of this.

Apply this on top of the cheekbone and blend upwards towards the temple.

6) A Luminous Skin is Also Important

Since mermaids are also known to have radiant skin, you should take this into account too. You can achieve this easily by strategically highlighting parts of your skin (using a shimmer highlighter).

Parts you should focus on include the bridge of the nose, cheeks, upper arms, and a few other parts of your choice. 

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7) Work with Waterproof Products

You might not be dealing with water at the event, however, if your event requires you to be close to water, even a little, then you want to ensure you are “protected”. You don’t want to get water on you and have your makeup start to run.

To prevent this, use only waterproof makeup so your mermaid makeup stays intact the whole time. 

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8) Your Hair is Another Key Part of Your Makeup

While it is important, it doesn’t necessarily require you to do too much on it to get it perfect. Mermaids are known for having long-flowing locks. If your hair is on the shorter side then you should consider getting a long wig preferably in red or blond color.

You already have a sprinkle of shimmer on your hair and that’s as much hair makeup as you will need. You could add a crown and other hair accessories, but unless you are the queen of the sea, these aren’t exactly required.

A temporary green hair color could also work magic and help you cinch your mermaid look. 

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9) The Tail Isn’t Necessary

For a school play requiring you stay fixed on a spot, this would be an added advantage. However, if you plan on being mobile, then you want to do away with this item of your mermaid makeup.

Wearing a long flowing skirt that allows for easy movement would be the perfect alternative and serve the same purpose.

10) A Regular Color Works Fine

A regular lipstick color will do and only a bit of it just to bring the lips to life.

However, if you are feeling a lot more adventurous and want to go all out, the turquoise lipstick color is just what you need. Highlight the lips with a very dark green or dark turquoise color so both colors blend and mix to give that perfect dark green lip. 

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The mermaid makeup is a fun look and really doesn’t take that much time to achieve. A lot of your regular makeup items will work perfectly here or you could just order some special ones from Amazon.

While you are at it, don’t forget to order your pitch folk, known to be a mermaid’s favorite weapon of choice.

For the final mermaid makeup, you want to wear a smile and have a lot of confidence. These will give your look the final touch it needs to sparkle and come right to life. 

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