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How to Do Princess Makeup for a Kid in Twenty Minutes or Less

princess makeup for kids

How to Do Princess Makeup for a Kid in Twenty Minutes or Less

My little one has always loved being a princess. From the time she could decide some things for herself, this has been one of her favorite looks.

She’s not alone. The princess look is one look that’s quite popular among younger kids, especially as there are several princesses to choose from.

So, if you want this look for your daughter for any event, here’s how you can go about it.

princess makeup for kids

How to Achieve a Princess Look in Twenty Minutes or Less

1) Decide on the Princess of Your Choice

Seeing as there are a few princesses to choose from; from Princess Sophia to Rapunzel and Elena, you want to have a princess in mind before proceeding.

You would need this information to know the right colors and outfits to use.

Find out your daughter’s favorite cartoon princess character and then work towards trying to replicate this look.

Usually, you would know this information from her haven mentioned it a few times. Some kids would even have you use their favorite princess character as an inspiration when shopping for them.

Items like school bags and lunch bunches would bear the princess logo. However, if you are ever in doubt (their favorite could also change overnight) you could just ask her which princess she currently loves and would love to become. 

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2) Gather Your Makeup Supplies

Once you have the character decided, the next course of action would be to gather the needed supplies for the look.

Whatever look your kid decides on, some basic princess makeup essentials you will need include

  • Powder
  • Foundation (optional for older kids)
  • Black eye pencil
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black or colorless mascara (mascara)
  • Lipstick (In the right shade)
  • Blush
  • A crown (this might not be required, but it sure will put a smile on your little one’s face)
  • The right jewelry
  • The right ‘princessy’ outfit.

Even your regular make-up items will do here. You don’t need a special makeup brand to create the look and effect you want. The only consideration is that you might need to opt for hypoallergenic makeup if your little one sensitive skin.

Get the right makeup and do a little testing (stronger recommended) a few days leading up to the main event day before the mskin colorday. 

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princess makeup for kids

3) Work on the Face First

It’s almost time to get started applying the princess makeup. However, before you start, you want to work on your child’s face and skin.

Clear skin will ensure the makeup comes out a lot better and also lasts longer, you should therefore wash the face and then apply some moisturizer.

You also want to apply some primer to the face and neck to give the makeup more staying power.

Next, apply just a thin film of foundation and blend this in or just skip this and proceed to apply powder all over the face. 

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4) Blush for Rosy Cheeks

Unless they are sick, a princess always has rosy cheeks and you want to recreate this as well.

Using a blush brush, apply the right shade of blush to the upper cheeks and blend this upwards until satisfied.

Have your daughter do a closed-lipped smile to jute out the cheekbones, as this makes it a lot easier to apply the blush. 

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5) The Eyes Come Next

Princesses usually have attractive eyes. The idea here would be to make your child’s eyes pop without being too heavily made up.

Here you should use the right eyeshadow for the look. Also, work on the brows and lashes to make them more visible. The eyeliner will also add more depth to the eyes without being too heavily made up.

princess makeup for kids

6) The Lips Are Important Too

Your lipstick color of choice here should be subtle. Princesses, while being stunningly made up, always work with the principle of less is more.

Subtle colors like pastel pink or light coral will work here. You could also just opt for a lip gloss in any of these shades to

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7) A Royal Hairdo Should Not be Left out

This is the signature of every princess, and, depending on the princess look you are going for, you want to have this done too.

You could have your child’s hair styled up, down, or in braids and finish this off with the right crown if required.

8) Pop the Look with the Right Accessories

Your makeup is never complete without the right jewelry. Pick the ones fitted for the look and have her wear them.

This is the final touch that will transform your little one into the princess of her choice.

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9) Do a Quick Once-over

You never can be too careful these days. Even if you think you are done, you want to give your child a quick costume check to be sure you didn’t miss out on anything.

If you did, it would take a few minutes to correct any slips, including makeup that might be running (cue in lip gloss that could start to run at the lower lips). 

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10) Capture the Moments

Make this fun moment live forever by capturing it on camera. A few pictures or a video taken will keep this beautiful moment for all time.

Some people take pictures or videos as they work so they have pictures of each “unaware” moment.

The choice depends totally on you and what you want. So long as there are a few pictures or videos to remember this day bye, you’ll be fine.

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 princess makeup for kids


Working to get a princess makeup done is one of the best times you will have. You’d be working to recreate a character your child loves and the smile and appreciation from them is usually worth it all.

Also, you should know that your makeup will do here to create this special look. There’s also the option of a quick order from Amazon a little while before the event.

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