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7 Best Superhero Makeup Ideas for Kids

superhero makeup

7 Best Superhero Makeup Ideas for Kids

There are superheroes everywhere. These guys go the extra mile to ensure everyone is safe, or at the very least, that things run as they should.

They should be celebrated and emulated at every chance.

Beyond adopting your superhero ways, you can also dress like them for Halloween or any other special events. If you are thinking of dressing up like your favorite superhero, you will need the right superhero makeup to help you achieve this.

Here are

superhero makeup

7 Best Superhero Makeup Ideas for Kids

1) Superman or SuperGirl

Superman is one of the most celebrated superheroes and for good reasons too. If you are looking for a superhero with super speed, extraordinary strength, and a heart of gold, here is your man.

The superhero makeup for this figure has very little to do with actual makeup. Once you put on the Superman costume of the blue bodycon suit, a red cape, red pants, and slicked-back hair (for guys) you instantly get transformed into this superhero.

The best part is that the Superman costume can be found online on Amazon.

A female would typically just skip the slicked back hair and instead, apply makeup.

For this, your regular makeup will do. You aren’t required to make up a certain way to be Superman or Supergirl. 

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2) Wonder Girl

Like Superman, this is another strong superhero worth emulating.

However, unlike the former, this is one superhero only one sex – females- can play.

The superhero makeup for Wonder Girl is the same as that of Superman I.e you really don’t need any paint or specific makeup application to assume this role.

Once you wear the costume, which can be gotten from Amazon or your local store, you instantly transform into Wonder Girl.

You could, however, purchase a Wonder Girl forehead crown online or as an alternative, paint one on your forehead.

If going with the latter, then what you want to do is draw out the shape of the crown on your forehead using a dark yellow eye pencil. Next, fill this in using a slightly lighter yellow paint (yellow eyeshadow also works fine for this).

As a final touch, draw and paint a red star at the center of your forehead and your wonder girl getup is complete. 

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3) Thor

Thor, son of Odin is the thunder god known for defending the earth from his half-brother, Loki, and is another notable superhero to emulate.

The superhero makeup for Thor includes the costume nicknamed “The Destroyer”, which is an enchanted suit of armor forged by Odin.

While this suit can be hand-made, a faster option for getting it would be to get it online at Amazon.

The costume comprises a suit, a red cape, and a hammer. 

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4) Black Widow

This superhero has been around since the 1960s but only recently became more visible.

With powers including superhuman strength and stamina, slow aging,

The superhero makeup or costume for a black widow is an all-black outfit called Fear Itself.

It is also one superhero costume you can put together easily.

Jere are a few things you’ll be doing:

  • Black leggings
  • Black athletic jacket
  • A cosplay holster
  • Combat boots
  • Red temporary hair color

Simple to assemble, right? The best part is that all of these items can be found on Amazon easily. 

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5) Storm

Storm might not be the first superheroine, but she is by far the most popular. With superpowers like flight, storm manipulation, energy vision, and durability among others, this is another superhero worth emulating.

The superhero makeup for Storm includes the following

  • A black long-sleeve catsuit in latex, cotton, or spandex fabric.
  • A pair of knee or ankle-length black boots.
  • A pair of black gloves
  • White or silver wigs. As an alternative, you could also use a temporary silver hair color spray. 

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A cape split in two parts behind.

Again, these items can be readily found on Amazon, any online store, or your local store.

For the make-up, you want to get the following

  • Black eye pencil
  • A black eyeliner
  • A black mascara
  • Foundation (optional)
  • Nude lipstick. 

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For a child, most people would usually skip using foundation, especially if they are so little. However, if you decide to include this makeup item, then you want to use it sparingly.

Apply the foundation all over the face, blending until smooth. Next, work on the brows, highlighting each.

The lashes should be next. The mascara will make them as pronounced as possible. Do the same with the eyeliner and the lipstick and you should be done. 

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6) Catwoman

Catwoman also wears a black, form-fitting catsuit just like Storm. The distinguishing features between both superheroines are Storm’s silver hair and Catwoman’s face mask.

Besides this catsuit, other items needed include a pair of high-heeled black boots and a black cape. The black signature cat mask is a key part of the Catwoman costume and can be purchased on Amazon.

Regular, light makeup will do here too or you could go all out and include some light foundation to set the powder and also make it last longer. 

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7) Captain America

This list would be incomplete without including Captain America. For someone who has great morals, fights for the good of the people, and doesn’t let anything stop him, this superhero is an inspiration.

The superhero makeup for Captain America includes a red, white, and blue outfit. 

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You could assemble this wearing the rolling:

  • A white long sleeve shirt
  • Captain America Tshirt
  • Blue fitted pants
  • Red boots
  • Red leather glove
  • And the signature shield.

All these items can also be found on Amazon easily. 

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The best superhero makeup and costume is one that closely resembles the superhero in question.

Your best bet for getting one of these assembled is to purchase online, but you also should never rule out the fun you will have to assemble the needed items.

Your kid will have a good time helping out here and this could make the character all the more endearing to them. 

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