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Beauty and the Werewolf Makeup Inspiration to Try Out

Beauty and the Werewolf Makeup Inspiration to Try Out

As a hopeless romantic in search of a timeless love tale or classic literature with an epic love
story, Beauty and the Werewolf cuts deep. New York Times bestselling author, Mercedes
Lackey creates another magic in this continuation of the Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms

Beauty and the Werewolf is an intriguing story told from a first-person perspective. We
see Isabella narrating her experiences giving the reader a real connection to the experience and
events as they occur. She sets the tone for every interaction in the entire novel.

The Duke has a curse of turning into a werewolf every month since the age of 19. He lived and
was active at court until he was eighteen, and later withdrew from society.

Recreating Beauty and the Werewolf

This is an interesting look to recreate for Halloween or any other event. Unlike other such costume looks, this is one look that requires two characters to pull off successfully. You can play the part of beauty or the werewolf and do each well, but you stand a better chance of people correctly interpreting your character when both looks stand side by side.

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Beauty Makeup Look

This look is easier to pull off. With this look, you don’t need to go overboard to create what you want. The regular, everyday makeup (with perhaps a little something extra) will work just fine here.

For this look, you will need the following makeup items

– Dark eye pencils
– A suitable eyeshadow color (choose one or more that appeal to you)
– Mascara (colorless or black)
– Eyeliner
– Lipliner
– Foundation
– Blush
– Powder
– Lipstick or lip gloss
– Finishing powder or setting spray

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Other Tools Needed

– A beautiful dress (think something “princessy” in white or yellow)
– A tiara or headpiece (optional)

Getting Started

1) Get started prepping your skin. Remember, great makeup starts with beautiful, glowing skin.

You want to ensure your skin glows by cleansing and moisturizing beforehand. As an added step, you could apply a little natural or homemade remedies all over your face and neck for a few hours before you have to wear this look.

A good natural ingredient to try here is honey. Honey is antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory, which means it can do a lot for your skin.

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It acts as a moisturizer and a pore cleanser, so deepen the effect and stay of your moisturizer by first using this natural ingredient. Let it sit for 10 -15 minutes and then rinse off using lukewarm water.

2) With this out of the way, move on to applying just a thin film of foundation all over the face. Blend this in using a foundation brush for that smooth look and feel.

3) Next, using a powder brush, apply a light dusting of powder and blend this in lightly. You will find that with your foundation in place and well-blended, your powder is instantly set, giving your face an instant smooth appeal.

4) For your eyes, highlight your brows and then move on to apply a few sweeps of eyeshadows.
If you are good with colors and versed in the world of makeup, then matching two colors here will give you a more distinguished look.

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For that professional look, you want to go with a light color and a darker one to serve as a contour.

5) Apply your eyeliner and your mascara to complete your eye look and you can move on to the next feature.

6) For the lips, you can choose to go subtle or bold. However, you want to always remember that the best look is achieved when either the eyes or the lips is played up, never both at the same time.

So, if you are using bold colors for your eyes, you should go with a subtle lip color like pastel pink or cranberry for the lips.

For your lips, line them using a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick of choice, and then blend this in. Fill the center with lipstick or gloss and you are almost ready.

7) For the final part of your makeup, apply a light dusting of a suitable blush color in a few sweeps to the apple of your cheeks.

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Once done, you want to lock in every step you have taken by applying a setting spray of finishing powder and you are done!

Wolf Makeup Look

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This look is a little more complex, however, it is not impossible to recreate, For this look, you will need a lot of black and a dark eye pencil. You also will need a lot of wolf hair which could very easily be purchased online. or eyeliner can help you achieve this.

Your skin tone has to be slightly dark so if you are fair a foundation a few shades darker than your skin tone will serve.

Makeup Items Needed

– Black eye pencils
– Foundation
– Eyeliner
– Lipstick (a subtle shade)
– Mascara
– Powder

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Other Tools Needed

– Wolf hair (fur hoodie)
– Fangs (fake nails)
– Fake teeth
– Fake blood (optional)

Getting Started

1) You want to start with getting the skin tone right. If you are already dark, then a foundation in your exact skin tone will do.

Apply this over your face and blend until smooth. This might take some time, depending on how you go about it and how fast you are. You should use a foundation brush or a beauty blender for a quick result.

2) Once done, apply a lot dusting of powder and also blend this in

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3) For your brows, remember a wolf’s is quite bushy so you might need to put in some work to achieve that extra bushy look.

4) Apply your mascara and eyeliner if using and then move on to a key feature of the wolf look; whiskers. For your nose, draw a circle at the tip and then fill this using black eyeliner.

5) To create whiskers, make use of your eye pencil or eyeliner to draw some lines on your forehead, around your eyes, and at the corner of your mouth. Be sure to blend these slightly so they don’t appear bold and unreal.

6) Move on to your lips; apply red lipstick and then wear the false teeth.

7) You will need some gum to stick on the fake nails. Someone should be on hand to assist here as this is one stage that you might not be able to achieve yourself.

8) Once done, wear your fur hoodie and your wolf makeup is ready.

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