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Basic Makeup For Kids: Getting Your Kid Started on Makeup

Basic Makeup For Kids: Getting Your Kid Started on Makeup

Makeup use is a right of passage for almost every kid. Once your kid hits puberty, you will start to notice a keen interest in a number of things, including makeup.

No matter how ready you feel you are about this time of their lives, it can leave you a little worried.

While it may seem the use of makeup involves applying a blend of matching colors on the face, it goes a lot beyond that. Deep down, we all know makeup use involves two major things:

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– It is your daughter expressing herself – her interest and in some sort of way, her values.

– Makeup will increase her visibility to the opposite sex a lot more and while this development might be exciting for her, she might not understand fully what this whole new world entails.

If you are wondering how much makeup is right for her at this stage or if she should even be allowed to start on this at all. here are some key things about makeup use you should know:

basic makeup for kids

Important Facts to Know When Getting Started on Makeup

1. There is no “right” age to get started on makeup. Kids typically signify an interest in makeup around the ages of 12 to 15 years. However, don’t be surprised if your daughter wants to start well before this age. Some parents even report “catching” their kids trying on their makeup at a much younger age.

2. If you feel anxious about your little one wearing makeup, you are not alone. Research has shown that over 70% of parents or guardians get “shocked” at this new development in their kids. You can’t just imagine your little one being old enough to wear makeup.

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3. Since this is a new world, your daughter’s role model might be a not-so-appropriate figure (one who uses a ton of makeup). This would be inappropriate for her age and you might want to step in here at this time and guide her on the right choice to make.

4. Have a little talk when your child shows an interest in makeup. Let her understand this new work she’s venturing into.

Now would also be a great time to set some ground rules on what’s accepted and what would be considered inappropriate for her age.

5. You also want to get her started on the right makeup. While it might be tempting to get her some of the makeup brands you use, if she’s okay with you picking hers, you want to opt for a brand considered safe for her particular skin type.

You should also consider making use of hypoallergenic brands to reduce the risk of a possible reaction.

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6. Less is always best when just starting. You want to opt for basic makeup like powder, dark eye pencil for the brows, lipstick in a subtle shade or a lip gloss, and possibly a blush, while avoiding the heavy stuff like foundation, concealer, and bright-colored lipsticks.

7. Basic makeup for kids also involves learning the right makeup removal techniques. From the start, she should know that taking off every makeup is the best way to keep her skin healthy.

Research has found that sleeping with makeup not only clogs the skin pores, promoting skin irritation, but it also leads to premature aging and the appearance of fine lines.

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8) You should also watch out for any skin reactions. Even with the use of safe products, your child might still react to one or more ingredients.

Being on the lookout for any skin irritation makes it easier for you to quickly identify the erring product so you quickly stop its use.

Basic Makeup Application for Kids

Here’s a basic makeup application for kids you might want to start with

1) Dry the face thoroughly after washing then apply a thin film of moisturizer. This ensures the skin stays hydrated for longer. Let this sit for five minutes or until it dries.

2) Next, apply a face primer over the entire face. Primers are strongly recommended in makeup as they boost the staying power of the applied makeup. Let this also dry when applying powder.

3) The powder here should be in the right shade so it easily blends into her skin.

4) Next, trace out the brows using a dark eye pencil. If the eyebrows are slightly fuller than is needed, then you should trim some off

What you want to do is find a suitable brow line while trimming off any excess. This can be done in five minutes or less and is pretty easy to accomplish.

However, if you encounter any difficulties then a brow stencil should work just fine. Just select the brow type that appeals to you and get started bringing it to life.

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5) A subtle eye shadow color should also be fine for a beginner and can be blended quickly and easily using an eye shadow brush.

6) Next, trace out the lips using a lip liner in the same color and shade as your lipstick or gloss.

Doing this ensures your lipstick is more defined and doesn’t run.

Blend this in then finish off the look with a touch of lipstick.

6) Applying blush to the cheeks is optional, but it does add more color to the face.

If you plan on using this, you should make use of a blush brush and have your daughter smile closed-lipped to bring out the cheekbones. Then, using the brush, make a w light strokes outwards toward the neck region.

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Final Thoughts

The entire process from start to finish should take no more than ten to fifteen minutes. You should also have your child way you the entire time so she picks up on the application technique.

Don’t be surprised though if she already knows a thing or two about makeup and the right application.

There are tons of videos out there that that this for free.

What you should be focused on is your child using age-appropriate makeup and also developing a good makeup routine from the start.

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