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How to Apply the Black Vampire Makeup Like a Pro

How to Apply the Black Vampire Makeup Like a Pro

Creating a vampire look on dark skin is just as similar as doing it on fairer skin, with just a few differences. If you are looking to recreate the black vampire look, then this post is for you.

For most people, getting their makeup right during Halloween is usually at the top of the list. Every detail must be got right to recreate that perfect semblance to the image you are trying to imitate.

The vampire look, while common, is always a fun one to recreate. If this is the look that appeals to you, then this step-by-step guide will guide you on how to recreate it like a pro in no time.

What to Have in Mind When Recreating the Black Vampire Look

There are a few things to have in mind when creating this look. These are features that are unique to a vampire and distinguish him even from a distance. They include:

– Vampires wear black and red (a style influenced by the fashion in the 17th and 18th centuries)
– The prominent, long teeth at both sides of the mouth
– The black cape
– Lots and lots of blood
– Dark or red eyes ( a vampire never sleeps, after all!)
– Red lips
– Pale skin

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Creating the Black Vampire Makeup

Now that we have a clearer picture of the look to be created, its time to get down to work.

First off, you would need to assemble every makeup item and tool you will need. These will include

– Dark eye makeup (black eye pencil, mascara, and eyeliner)
– White paint
– Red lipstick
– Black clothing (including a cape)
– Blood
– Contact lenses

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Getting Started

How to Create a Black Vampire Look on a Girl

1) Using a brush, apply a light film of white paint all over the face, neck, and any other part of the skin that will be exposed. You want to create the illusion of pale skin without necessarily looking too white.

The idea is to apply just a little paint and blend this in until you get the desired results.

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2) Next, work on the entire eye region including the brows. Remember every feature here should be highlighted using sharp lines.

The brows should be black and so should the eyelids be. For a more defined black vampire look, you want to add some contour at the sides of both eyes using black eyeshadows.

A vampire’s eyes typically assume one of three colors; black, red, or gold, depending on their diet. The eyes would ordinarily be red in color when a vampire just ate or black if they have gone up to two weeks without a meal. So, feel free to assume any color of your choice.

3) Next, using the white paint, draw two fangs at both sides of the mouth, or you could just order some fake fakes online and wear them. I find drawing the fangs much easier to achieve and also pull off through out.

4) For the lips, you want to do either black or red. For a more glamorous black vampire look your best bet is the red lipstick. However, you should blend some black lipliner into this to achieve the perfect vampire look.

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5) For the vampire blood, any red liquid that doesn’t fade off on time will do. You could also just easily purchase fake blood on Amazon to save yourself all that stress though.

Once you get this blood, drip one or two drops by the side of your lips and on your neck and let it dry up.

6) Your dressing comes next. Remember to wear black from top to bottom with the signature cape and boots. If your cape comes with a red inner lining, this would better give a more realistic black vampire look.

7) For the final vampire touch, you should wear your hair down and either leave the locks flowing or cover it loosely with the hoodie from your cape.

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How to Create a Black Vampire Look on a Boy

Boy vampires look different from girl vampires. There is obviously less blood unless you absolutely want it. What you want to work on is creating that regal, aloof look male vampires are known for.

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Getting Started

1) Work on getting long hair or locks that are perfectly coiffed or groomed. You can make do with shorter hair, however, longer hair creates a more realistic vampire look.

2) Next, you want to go with gold or red eyes, preferably gold. Luckily, you don’t need all that eye makeup to create prominent male vampire eyes. The coiffed hair and golden, electric eyes are usually enough to create that effect.

3) Next comes the fangs. A beard will give you more character but isn’t a requirement for this look.

4) For the final part of the male black vampire look, you should wear the black clothing from top to bottom.

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A black 16th-century styled coat is required here along with the long cape. Again, a red-lined black cape is preferred.

5) Your dressing is done here. However, the most important makeup for the male black vampire, one that can’t be drawn using makeup is the carriage. With the makeup complete, you want to immediately assume an aloof, larger-than-life posture. This is what gives credence to this look and you have to get it right.


The black vampire look is an easy one to pull off, especially for females. The makeup immediately distinguishes you as a vampire and you can be your normal self as you assume this role.

For a male vampire, a little detachment will make you appear more forbidden, which is the trademark of the vampire alpha. You might need to practice this in front of the mirror for a while to get it right. Watching a few videos will also help.

However, while you want to create the perfect vampire look, you should know having fun is the most important aspect of the day and not sweat it if you feel you aren’t getting the aloofness perfectly.

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