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How to Do Dance Makeup for Children in Ten Minutes

Dance makeup for child

If your child has a dance or ballet coming up, she’ll be pretty excited about it. Beyond practicing for her event, one other thing she will be trying to get to be perfect is her look for that day.

The outfit and makeup for the dance recital are just as important as the dance act itself. Being made up will boost her visibility on stage and also, knowing she looks good will be a major boost to her confidence, which is needed to give the best performance ever.

If you are wondering how to do dance makeup for child, here is an easy step-by-step guide that should help

How to Do Dance Makeup for Child

How to Do Dance Makeup for Children in Ten Minutes

1) Gather All the Makeup Materials You Will be Needing

You can get most if not all the makeup items you will need for this event. Seeing as you will be making a child up, you might want to skip on some heavy makeup items like foundation, concealer, and bright lipsticks.

If going with these items nonetheless, what you want to do is use them sparingly so your child comes out looking good without being heavily made up.

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For this stage then, the makeup items you will be requiring would be:

– Moisturizer
– Black eye pencils (for the brows)
– A lip liner (the color would depend on the color of lipstick to be used)
– A subtle lipstick color (pastel pink or coral are usually good options here)
– Powder (in your child’s skin tone)
– Foundation (optional)
– Face primer
– Blush (optional, but comes highly recommended)
– Eye makeup (eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascara)
– Glitters
– Setting spray

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2) Get Your Child Ready Beforehand

Beyond getting the outfit ready, you also want to consider working on your child’s skin beforehand if the opportunity presents itself.

Beautiful, glowing skin is such a beautiful canvas to work with and whatever makeup gets applied on it (even subtlely) comes out beautiful.

A good way to work on the skin is to ensure your child takes enough water a few days leading up to the event. Experts recommend drinking up to 2.5 liters of water daily. This ensures the skin stays hydrated from the inside, which will show on the outside.

Beyond taking water, a quick, natural way to glow up the skin, for a child and even an adult is to apply honey all over the face, neck, and any other part of the body and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing off.

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Honey is a natural moisturizer and exfoliator and will work to remove dead skin cells from your child’s skin to reveal a fresher, more refined look.

Do this the night before the event and also repeat an hour or two before applying the makeup.

I should add that this stage of getting your child ready for her dance is totally optional and skipping it doesn’t mean your look still won’t come out great.

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Dance makeup for child

3) Apply The Look

Now to the makeup application itself. The first stage in getting your child ready for her dance is priming the face. If you already know about primers, you will know they help increase the staying power of your makeup and this we definitely want.

– So, get started applying a thin film of moisturizer all over the face, neck, and any other part. This ensures your child’s skin stays hydrated and supple for long.

– With the moisturizer dried, apply primer all over your child’s face and also leave to dry.

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– Apply foundation lightly over the face and whatever part of the neck that is exposed and blend this in gently until you get a natural and even tone.

– Next, apply the powder all over the face and neck and then move over to the eyes. The eye region is one of the three parts of the face that can be highlighted and brought to life during a makeup session, the others being the lips, and the cheekbone.

While most people would typically just splash colors on the face and hope the colors coordinate, for a more refined look, you want to pick one facial feature to bring to life while downplaying others.

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– For a child, this should be the eyes. Work on making the eyes pop by outlining the brows and eyelids. You should consider using an eyeshadow color that matches your child’s eye color to deepen them.

– Apply the eyeliner to both eyes and also the mascara to accentuate the lashes.

– For the cheeks, use a rosy shade to give instant lasting color to your child’s cheeks. Using a blush brush, blend this in upward and outward until you get the desired look.

– For the final part of your child’s makeup, apply the lipstick, making sure to use the lip liner to make the lips more defined and also keep the lipstick from smearing.

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Use a lip liner in the exact shade as the lipstick and blend this in before applying the lipstick so both blend as one,

– This last part is also optional, however, it does add some finnese to the final look. You want to consider adding some glitter sparingly to certain parts of the face like the bridge of the nose, the corner of the eyes, or the cheeks to make them pop.

– Once done, apply a setting spray lightly over the face to make the makeup last longer.

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Things to Consider When Applying Dance Makeup for Child

There are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to applying makeup for kids and you want to bear this in mind.

– Use only high-quality makeup products to keep from irritating the child’s skin.

– You also want to ensure the products chosen are hypoallergenic and won’t cause breakouts or any other skin conditions.

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– Ensure the makeup is removed at the end of the event, no matter how tired the child is. Leaving makeup on for longer will clog the skin pores and increase the risk of a breakout or any other skin irritation over time.

Teaching a child to take off all makeup at the end of the day is good practice and is setting the stage for them likely to have great skin moving forward. A makeup remover, a mild cleanser, or even a baby wipe will be effective here in getting it off.

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