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Blush Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Blush Makeup Tutorial

Blush Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Blush is one part of a makeup routine that is the least talked about. Besides adding color to the face, when done correctly, it can help contour your features. In some dire cases, a blush can also serve as an eyeshadow or even a lipstick!

Getting the perfect blush shade and choosing the right blush technique, however, are two areas people struggle with.

If you’re looking to get your blush game right, here are a few facts about blush you want to consider

1) Select the Right Shade

The first step to getting your blush game on point is choosing the right side for your complexion and skin tone.

Blushes come in varying colors and shades and you must get the right color for your skin to get the best result.

For fair skin, you want to go with pastels like soft pink and all other light shades. For a medium complexion a rose shade, coral, or colors close to these two will work perfectly. For a darker skin tone, you should be looking at a warmer color like plum.

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2) Prepare the Canvas

Now that you have the right color the first thing you want to do is prepare your skin. A glowing skin is the best canvas to work with. It ensures whatever makeup you apply comes out looking great.

Get started cleansing and then moisturizing the skin beforehand. This ensures the skin stays hydrated and supple for longer, which can lead to a heightened glow.

3) Choose the Right Form

Blushes come in three different forms cream, powder, and liquid.

Now, while they all have their benefits, you want to go for the one you are most comfortable with.

If you are new to the world of blush though, and confused about which form to go for, you opt for the powder form as it’s known to give a more professional finish.

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4) Get the Right Tools

Using the right make tools is another fact worth knowing. Makeup brushes and other tools will give you that smooth, professional look we all crave. From the foundation to the final application of lipstick, ensure you are using the right brush for each stage.

For instance, a blush brush won’t just help with the blending, but will also make it easy to contour the blush at the right angle.

You can get individual brushes as you need them, however, to make your makeup application easier your best bet is usually to go for a brush set. These sets are sold online and contain all the brushes you will need for each stage of your makeup.

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5) The Right Application Technique Also Matter

The shape of your face would determine the makeup application technique to be adopted.

The technique to be used for a round face would differ from that of a square or oblong face. Watching one or more videos beforehand will show you clearly the right technique for your face.

Once you know the right technique, your makeup brush should be used to apply the blush at the right angle. You want to apply just enough until you get the effect of a natural blush.

Apply the blush to the apple of your cheeks, to get this to want to smile so the angle jutes out.

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6) Blend

This is by far the most important part of your blush application. Blending your blush correctly is the difference between getting a seamless finish and a look that’s just average.

You might need to spend a little while at this stage just getting the blending right. However, the more often you do it, the better you get at it and the shorter the duration it will take to achieve the same results in the future.

Besides, the end result is usually well worth all that effort.

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How to Apply Your Blush

With those facts out of the way, here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply your blush as a beginner.

1) Apply your moisturizer and let it sit for five to ten minutes until it gets dry.

2) Next, apply a thin film of foundation and blend until smooth using your foundation brush. You want to blend until you have a smooth and even tone.

3) Apply your powder, again using a powder brush for a better result.

Blend the power over your face and extend towards your neck, if exposed so you have an even tone all around.

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4) With the foundation and powder out of the way, now comes the main task for the day.

For your blush application, remember to choose the right blush color for your face and also adopt the right blush application for your shape of face.

Blend this in smoothly to get that instant glow to your complexion.

5) Apply the lipstick colour of your choice song a brush and you are done.

6) To keep your makeup in place and further boost its staying power, apply a light dusting of finishing power and you are done

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4 Top Blush Application Mistakes to Avoid

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Here are the top blush application mistakes to avoid

1) Never apply blush directly on foundation. Applying a film of powder beforehand helps set your list and also increases its stay in power.

2) While it’s more convenient to do so you want to avoid using one brush for two tasks eg using the same brush for both powder and blush or both blush and highlight.

Doing so just leaves you with a mix of colors that could potentially ruin your makeup.

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3) Another habit that’s convenient but doesn’t work so well is the use of lipstick as a makeshift blush.

It’s an easy habit to adopt, especially if you find a perfect lipstick shade that becomes a favorite over time.

However, this method doesn’t bring the same perfect finish as a blush would, and neither does it come with the same staying power so you want to avoid it.

4) Failing to go with the right technique for your shape of face. Two friends might have different shapes of faces and therefore require different application techniques. You don’t want to adopt a technique just because it looks good on someone else.

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