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Blush Children: 6 Reasons Why Kids Should Wear Blush When They Makeup

Easiest Blush to Apply on Kids

Blush Children: 6 Reasons Why Kids Should Wear Blush When They Makeup

Most people argue that kids don’t blush and consequently, shouldn’t exactly wear blush. This argument in itself is unnecessary since there isn’t exactly a right or a wrong answer to it. Like some things in life, kids putting on blush would depend on the occasion and the wearer. Blush isn’t exactly a heavy makeup item that would be deemed appropriate for young kids.

Kids start to blush when they become self-aware and while this can happen to both sexes girls, become a lot more conscious about their looks early on, from the ages of 13 to 18.

While this makeup item isn’t exactly a necessity like a few other items are, it does come with its perks and benefits.

Here are

6 Cute Reasons Why Kids (or Anyone for That Matter) Should Wear Blush

1) Instant Glow

The right blush in your skin tone will mimic your natural shade when you blush. Adding this color to your makeup will add an instant color and glow to your face. So, if you are looking to add that rosy glow and sheen to your complexion blush is the way to go.

Get a blush in the right shade or skin tone and add a few sweeps to your face. You would need to find out which brush application technique is suitable for your shape of face.

Some people would just go right ahead to apply this makeup to the apple of their cheeks and leave it at that. However, getting the right application can make a world of difference.

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2) Changes Up Certain Features

We all have one or more features that aren’t our best. While the idea of makeup is to play up our best facial features, it can also be used to downplay a not-too-perfect one. For instance, blush can serve as a great contour that helps make your face appear more slender.

So, if you have a face that’s slightly wider than you are comfortable with, then you want to get started learning how to use blush to make it appear slimmer.

3) Hides Imperfections

Skin reactions like freckles might look cute sometimes, however, there are those times when you aren’t too keen on letting the whole world see them. At these times, you can put on a few sweeps of blush on your upper cheek, either inwards or outwards, depending on the shape of your face, and watch those freckles blend into the background easily.

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4) It Can be an Instant Mood Lifter

Although this isn’t exactly backed by research, a few people have reported seeing an instant boost to their mood as soon as they wore blush.

This positive mood change could stem from the fact that blush brightens the face. With that, you are likely bound to experience this positive lift in your spirit as well.

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5) Spices Up Your Look

Blush could be the difference between a subtle, casual look and a bold one that speaks. Charge up your looks by adding a daring blush color to the apple of your cheeks in a few light strokes.

It could also help you assume a different character, depending on the color being used. So if you have a play or an event that you would need to assume a different character then you could use this makeup item to help things along.

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6) Other Unconventional Uses

The fact this unassuming makeup item also serves other purposes also makes it a must-have in your makeup bag.

Its main use might be for the cheek, however, people have also been known to use it in the following ways:

– As an emergency lipstick (if you run out of)
– As an eyeshadow if you are looking to match your lipstick color with your eyes.
– On the bridge of your nose to create a natural sun-kissed effect and look.
– Under your eyes to help brighten that region and reduce bagginess. This makes for a great concealer.
– To create a sunburnt effect, a look that currently trending.

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What to Consider When Choosing Blush for Children

As an adult, it’s easy enough to pick a blush color right off the shelf at the supermarket, especially if it promises to suit your complexion or is one you have used a few times.

With kids, you want to exercise a few cares. Here are some things you want to consider when choosing blush for children:

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– Go a shade darker. Choosing a shade that’s one step darker than your kid’s regular skin color is recommended as it helps perk up their complexion instantly.

– Colors are good, but you also want to go easy with the color play. Unless these are to be used as costumes, you want to avoid overly bold colors like dark purples and bright oranges. Opting for natural shades will serve well and produce much better results.

– Always use a blush brush for your application and don’t forget blending makes all the difference. Take the time to blend the blush in and the skin will thank you for it.

– Apply blush to the apple of the cheeks. Ask your child to smile and then dab this lightly in a few strokes. You would need to blend it in perfectly to get that smooth, professional look and feel.

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– Have fun while doing it. While you should strike to get a look as great as possible, you don’t want to sweat the small stuff. Remember she is only a child. Chances are high that your child is pretty excited to be wearing makeup and isn’t overly keen on appearing like the new Miss World. So go easy, see this as another opportunity for you both to bond and have fun


Blush comes with several benefits, even for kids. If a person feels comfortable enough to wear blush, then they should go right ahead to do so. You want to focus on finding the right color and shade for your skin tone and have fun while at it.

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